retro vertigo

Daddy mack’ll make you jump

It’s official. Volkswagen has stopped selling cars named after a rich white man’s sport and reverted to a nameplate with a long-eared, short-tailed, burrowing mammal of the family Leporidae.

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4 responses to “retro vertigo”

  1. bryan Avatar

    You might have been joking, but the “Golf” was named after the “Gulf Stream.” Most of VWs cars are named after winds and/or currents, which is even siller than naming them after right white man sports. “Jetta” for Jet Stream, “Passat” is german for “trade wind”, Scirocco is a desert wind, etc.

  2. bryan Avatar

    oops, I meant “white man” not “right man.”
    And the old Rabbit logo *is* sweet, seeing it again almost makes me forget how cruddy my thirdhand VW Rabbit was.

  3. Rick Avatar

    My friend Charlie got an Oxfam donkey for Christmas from her sister. She was a little put off after going to the Oxfam charity shop and realizing they couldn’t actually find her donkey so she could visit. It would have been great seeing Charlie go to a 3rd world country in stillettos to visit a donkey though.

  4. chris glass Avatar

    It was indeed tongue in cheek Bryan, I need to somehow indicate that better.
    I will refrain from making a passing wind reference.