It’s not the House of Cosbys I’m worried about

This image is for the geeks (or nerds)

Semi-related link: Coogi sweaters

Other fun tidbits to make the days (or nights) go by faster:

The Evolution of Dance reminds me a bit of that ZeFrank’s classic How to Dance Properly… but all that seems like baby steps to the video goodness that is The Show.

Keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on dancing all through the night.

Dirty never looked so good. (yes, it’s safe for work)

These are the best stickers ever to deface a stop sign with (via)

McDonalds gets a makeover and I just want the buns to be consistently soft and warm. (via)

3 responses to “It’s not the House of Cosbys I’m worried about”

  1. duane Avatar

    I love the “collaborate and listen” sticker best. I would laugh out loud if I saw that while driving.

  2. D R E W Avatar

    i am sure he had some coogi sweaters, but a lot of cosby’s sweaters he wore on his show were actually hand knit by a woman named suss cousins.

  3. bit Avatar

    After casually looking at this pic a number of times, I finally saw the lines on the glass table top.
    That’s hysterical.
    I also enjoyed the Ajax on Rails photo.