Kick Out The Jams

Bryan J, Shiv, Babs, & Mike [ + zoom ]

I suppose it’s time to find a replacement for the “ON AIR” graphic on the website. The final stream of WOXY ended without a wimper, but a little Public Enemy, MC5, a few beers and some firm hugs.

But all was not sad. Spirits were positive and hopeful.

Add to the mix a the man who could give Moleskins a run for the money paid visit.

Draplin [ official DDC website ] soaks up the WiFi in the Lounge

Fresh on the 26th day of his 8 week 8 city tour, he brought stories from the American Sign Museum in my backyard (a place I am ashamed to say I have yet to visit), along with other tales of travel, Portland, and the finer things in life – like high thread-count sheets.

Backstory: My first (virtual) encounter with this hulking lumberjack of a guy (sadly bears, he’s on a wife hunt) was his most excellent Gocco print at the Wurst Gallery. (Prints still available and exceedingly reasonable).

Nice to attach a handshake to the fine vector art.

We gathered a group from the radio station, and along with Mr. Draplin, extended the conversation over tasty foods at a groovy restaurant (in a neighborhood where you could buy 5 lofts for the price of 1 in a more magnetic city).

Good times.

UPDATE: The good news is, thanks to LaLa, WOXY rocks on.

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DJ Princess

behind the microphone [ +zoom ]

I went down to the radio station to take a few shots yesterday, and Babs was on duty. Even as the station gets ready to power-down and go off “air” this week, she still asks, “So what music have you been listening to lately?”

These people rock to their core.

She’s heading off to Minnesota Public Radio to lend her sultry voice to The Current, so that’s cool. (story here)

I hope to report future bright stories from these fine folks.

Until then, there are t-shirts .

IKEA Cincinnati, and other local links

Skyline as seen from City View Tavern in Mt. Adams. Had drinks there this past Saturday, specifically: The Poor Man’s Corona (Miller High Life Light with Lime, only 2 bucks)

Real quick, some stuff for Cincinnatians:

IKEA picks West Chester – Finally, we don’t have to drive to PA or IL to furnish cheaply.

Alchemize moving to Northside – The bar with good taste in music but an unfortunate location moves to the my neighborhood.

Eminent domain abused – This could help folks all around the country, but an Ohio Supreme Court ruling says cities cannot take property by eminent domain and give it to a private developer. Sure Crate & Barrel is nice, but so are peoples’ homes.

Midwest Culinary Institute – Offering reasonable cooking classes.

Dim Sum places in Cincinnati – not many to pick from, but certainly something I’d like to try here.

Lastly, Bengals have sold out all home games, and I still haven’t been in the new stadium.

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I will make the cheercisions around here

…and I will deal with the cheer-onsequences

Another Reds game, this time with excellent seats (thanks Chris & Barb), oppressive heat, and then – the quick torrential downpour.

Almost a no-hitter for Maddux and the Dodgers (he made it through 6 innings). I should point out – I have no idea of all this baseball terminology, I eavesdrop.

We left after the 7th inning stretch, drenched – the rain delay in full effect. Caught the tail-end on the tube.

PhotosEven though we lost, I still took a few photos

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MIL 4, CIN 1

at the ballpark

I really do try and focus on the actual game, but baseball is so full of other stuff to watch.

In between the beers, today’s fascination was the slow fade of cloud shadows as they passed over the stands and field. When that wasn’t interesting, there was the crowd. Far from a sell-out, there were enough folks to obsess over.

He doesn’t have a ring on, but she does. Are those their kids? Are they on a date?
He should apply sunscreen.
Poor kid, I don’t think those tears will make mom cough up the money for a lemon ice.
Those lesbians over there look fun.
Sure is a lot of hair product.
That kid looks really bored.
Flip flops are in.
Man that beer cooler must be a bitch to tote around, even with that shoulder strap.

In other game news:

They replaced "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" with "God Bless America" and I’m not sure if that constitutes hat-taking-off.

Beer was 6 dollars. Seats start at 4.

The Reds lost.

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A Trip to Motown

with the Cincinnati Pops

Dan performed with the Pops last night at Riverbend – the place I used to work when I was old enough to pour beer. It was a fine summer job, especially whenever Jimmy Buffet came through town and super-drunk folks wearing zany hats would tip well.

Enough about that, the Pops concert was great. And though I’m not sure how “A Trip to Motown” would include two selections from Flashdance, I can’t complain hearing “What a Feeling” fully orchestrated. Irene Cara would be pleased. (The other selection was Love Them which the Pops have previously recorded. If you have iTunes, here’s a sample)

Music of Stevie Wonder, Otis Redding, and a new arrangement of “Birdland” rounded out the first half before The Contours took over the second.

Weather was unexpectedly good, I fear this implies more summer heat is on the way.

Another trip to the waterpark

the wavepool waits

I was lucky to grab an unused season pass from friends so I am planning to go to Kings Island as much as possible this year.

Season pass technology has advanced and no longer does the plastic card contain your photo. They still take one mind you, it’s just that it appears on screens at entry point scanning stations, which is a little sad ’cause I tried hard to make my mugshot completely horrific.

The waterpark was again fun. I rode that big funnel thing some more and hung out mainly with my friends in the kid areas. No lasting sunburn, so I deem the afternoon a success.

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I’m glad I didn’t ride the Son of Beast

but the Tazmanian Typhoon pictured above was super fun

Went to Kings Island today and met up with friends at the water park. Sadly, they were leaving as their youngest was throwing up what appeared to be grapes and raisins in a beef broth.

They were on their way and I took off my shirt to show off my pear shape and try out the wave pool. It’s like the ocean, but chloriney. Then over to the waterslide that ends with a toilet-like-flush through a 60 ft. funnel. FUN FUN FUN. Try and go backwards down it for added thrill. Here’s a picture of it from a distance, not worthy for Flickr.

Over to the main park for coasters. (Dave, I finally rode the Italian Job and enjoyed it thoroughly.) I might attribute part of the joy from my friend screaming bloody murder in the seat behind me. Getting folks terrified of coasters on to even the “family rides” makes everything better.

About this time, a game of telephone had progressed around the park saying the train had come off the track to the Son of Beast. Not quite the case, but something did go wrong, sending a couple dozen folks to the hospital.

Last but not least, bottled soda is now $3.25 from vending machines. Pack frozen water bottles.

[+ 6 more shots]

Independence Day Parade 2006


So I can’t see my mom having too much issue with this photo. I mean, look at her expression. My brother? He’s focused.

The Northside parade was once again, a good time. The rain cleared up and it wasn’t awful humid. There was lots of stuff to nibble on and wash down with sweet tea. Candy thrown. Old favorites and lots of new entries from neighborhood businesses. You could say it was a corporate parade – but the way they went about it made the whole notion of patriotism homegrown.

I think next year, if I don’t make a float, I’ll get off the sidelines and try for close up photos.

PhotosSpeaking of photos, there are lots more.

Desdemona Festival

Sawyer Point Park, Cincinnati

This marks the first year for the indie rock festival organized by Nick Spencer – a strong proponent of advancing Cincinnati as not only a destination, but a place to live.

And though Pitchfork said of the fest, “good luck with that” – the clouds parted ways of impending storm, and luck was indeed had.

I went down last night to find easy parking and a small but good sized crowd, excellent burgers, and short beer lines.

Caught a bit of Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s, Northern State, The High and Low, and Apples in Stereo. For complete coverage, I can’t recommend highly enough Good Hodgkins who came down to report from Cleveland (and takes EXCELLENT photos).

WOXY was there as well, my hub for information, general dish, food recommendations, and overall good time.

Then there was the highlight: as I was off to the right of the stage snapping photos, I get approached by a fellow Croc wearer, “Are you Chris Glass?” At this point my brows likely twisted into that look indicating memory access.

Turns out she knows me from the journal (a former Cincinnatian), just moved from Germany to San Diego, and is a fellow blogger and Flickr(er). We’ve crossed paths virtually a few times, but meeting someone in real life tends to help cement a connection (but in Kell’s words: not in a Kathy Bates / Misery kind of way).

If the New York trip wasn’t already a great reminder, this was another experience where I am glad to be online, in the company of good people.

Tonight: a bit more of Desdemona, then an unlikely music pairing with Pollard and Pearl Jam at the arena next door.