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  • Aida

    Cincinnati Opera at Music Hall I’ve written before how I’ve never enjoyed opera. I could be the curmudgeon who compares everything to rock and roll – that bombast with undecipherable lyrics, but I’ll refrain tonight. It was dress rehearsal for Aida. Dan had a pair of tickets as he’s not only performing, but he’s actually […]

  • 2007 Northside Independence Day Parade

    Luchadores, Fantasticos de Northside! Another year, another great parade. The rain held back. I grilled meats. Mom made green beans. And there was a slew of other tasty tidbits, like these cupcakes (thanks Kate). Coolers were packed. Kids made bubbles. Adults blew horns. Politicians handed out stickers. Candy was thrown. I could go on and […]

  • pride, shirts, and movement

    Cincinnati Pride 2007 – the parade goes by Finally, a moment to reflect on this past weekend. This is going to be long (and terribly disorganized). If you’d rather just see the photos, I didn’t take many – but there’s a small gallery here (with some choice shots for sure). SMILES I like Pride. It’s […]

  • Almost Germany

    .Mental note: odd interpolation of pixels on those powerlines The weather was postcard perfect on Sunday for the set up on the streets of O’Bryonville. This was our first time selling wares direct in meatspace, and man did we learn a ton. The fine folks at MiCA went to great lengths, providing a table, backdrop, […]

  • MiCA and a Celebration of Spring

    Selling in the real world Landed last night, now headed out the door to enjoy this fine day outside on the streets of O’Bryonville for their Celebration of Spring. Carolyn and Michael of MiCA are letting us set up a table to share our shirts with folks and I’m pretty excited. And late! I gotta […]

  • PNC Bank Bldg

    I’ll always call it the Central Trust Tower [ + ] Vantage from a meeting downtown on this gray day. I wanted to go up on the observation deck, but I figure I’ll wait for blue skies and white fluffy clouds. Current music: Bee Gees “In My Own Time”

  • sweet

    from favorite bakery, Take the Cake, freshly moved to Northside Friday was awesome. Printed up some test shirts, broke out of the studio, and tooled around on what might have been the best day weather-wise yet this year. Blue skies, windows down. Squared up some music, ate a delicious lunch, topped the latter off with […]

  • hextych

    Even Rocky had a montage No fog today—in fact, there was lots of nice light and blue skies. I got to ride around in the passenger seat as a list of tasks were accomplished. A quick stop at the record store, sandwiches to go, and it was back to the studio for an afternoon of […]

  • It will be slightly interesting to look back

    and see how much a 3 way cost in 2007 [ + stupid big zoom ] Regular size: $4.69 Super size: $6.25 Current music: Panda Bear “Track Three”

  • Kick Out The Jams

    Bryan J, Shiv, Babs, & Mike [ + zoom ] I suppose it’s time to find a replacement for the “ON AIR” graphic on the website. The final stream of WOXY ended without a wimper, but a little Public Enemy, MC5, a few beers and some firm hugs. But all was not sad. Spirits were […]