Independence Day Parade 2006


So I can’t see my mom having too much issue with this photo. I mean, look at her expression. My brother? He’s focused.

The Northside parade was once again, a good time. The rain cleared up and it wasn’t awful humid. There was lots of stuff to nibble on and wash down with sweet tea. Candy thrown. Old favorites and lots of new entries from neighborhood businesses. You could say it was a corporate parade – but the way they went about it made the whole notion of patriotism homegrown.

I think next year, if I don’t make a float, I’ll get off the sidelines and try for close up photos.

PhotosSpeaking of photos, there are lots more.

5 responses to “Independence Day Parade 2006”

  1. cramer Avatar

    Great photos. I had my eyes peeled, but didn’t see you on the route. I was with the XYLs, riding the silver Vespa wearing a Reds hat. Maybe you snapped a pic.
    Thanks for showing me the rest of the parade I missed.

  2. Chris Glass Avatar

    I went back through all the photos Cramer – no silver vespa with Reds hat (but lots of silver ones with black helmets).
    I didn’t capture near enough of all the different groups. Hopefully next year I will step up!

  3. A.J. Avatar

    your mom looks incredibly gleeful.
    she must be sweet.

  4. D R E W Avatar

    we were coming back from lunch and i happened to look to my left and see you sitting on that porch and i yelled, “IT’S CHRIS GLASS!!!”
    i forgot how fun the northside parade is. my favorite part was seeing the daddy bear playing a piccolo in the gay marching band.

  5. Lindsay Avatar

    What an amazing picture.