Desdemona Festival

Sawyer Point Park, Cincinnati

This marks the first year for the indie rock festival organized by Nick Spencer – a strong proponent of advancing Cincinnati as not only a destination, but a place to live.

And though Pitchfork said of the fest, “good luck with that” – the clouds parted ways of impending storm, and luck was indeed had.

I went down last night to find easy parking and a small but good sized crowd, excellent burgers, and short beer lines.

Caught a bit of Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s, Northern State, The High and Low, and Apples in Stereo. For complete coverage, I can’t recommend highly enough Good Hodgkins who came down to report from Cleveland (and takes EXCELLENT photos).

WOXY was there as well, my hub for information, general dish, food recommendations, and overall good time.

Then there was the highlight: as I was off to the right of the stage snapping photos, I get approached by a fellow Croc wearer, “Are you Chris Glass?” At this point my brows likely twisted into that look indicating memory access.

Turns out she knows me from the journal (a former Cincinnatian), just moved from Germany to San Diego, and is a fellow blogger and Flickr(er). We’ve crossed paths virtually a few times, but meeting someone in real life tends to help cement a connection (but in Kell’s words: not in a Kathy Bates / Misery kind of way).

If the New York trip wasn’t already a great reminder, this was another experience where I am glad to be online, in the company of good people.

Tonight: a bit more of Desdemona, then an unlikely music pairing with Pollard and Pearl Jam at the arena next door.

4 responses to “Desdemona Festival”

  1. ted Avatar

    I just bought my first pair of Crocs yesterday. Best. Decision. Ever. Also, they’re orange.

  2. Michelle Avatar

    Indianapolis doesn’t have that strong of a music scene so I’m very glad to see that Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s getting some attention. They are definitely a band for Indy to be proud of.

  3. ryan Avatar

    Chris, Kell was glad to have met you: you made her night. I wish I could have been there too… alas, work has me feeling like quite the nomad.

  4. Kell Avatar

    It’s nice and rare when highlights go both ways!