I’m glad I didn’t ride the Son of Beast

but the Tazmanian Typhoon pictured above was super fun

Went to Kings Island today and met up with friends at the water park. Sadly, they were leaving as their youngest was throwing up what appeared to be grapes and raisins in a beef broth.

They were on their way and I took off my shirt to show off my pear shape and try out the wave pool. It’s like the ocean, but chloriney. Then over to the waterslide that ends with a toilet-like-flush through a 60 ft. funnel. FUN FUN FUN. Try and go backwards down it for added thrill. Here’s a picture of it from a distance, not worthy for Flickr.

Over to the main park for coasters. (Dave, I finally rode the Italian Job and enjoyed it thoroughly.) I might attribute part of the joy from my friend screaming bloody murder in the seat behind me. Getting folks terrified of coasters on to even the “family rides” makes everything better.

About this time, a game of telephone had progressed around the park saying the train had come off the track to the Son of Beast. Not quite the case, but something did go wrong, sending a couple dozen folks to the hospital.

Last but not least, bottled soda is now $3.25 from vending machines. Pack frozen water bottles.

[+ 6 more shots]