MIL 4, CIN 1

at the ballpark

I really do try and focus on the actual game, but baseball is so full of other stuff to watch.

In between the beers, today’s fascination was the slow fade of cloud shadows as they passed over the stands and field. When that wasn’t interesting, there was the crowd. Far from a sell-out, there were enough folks to obsess over.

He doesn’t have a ring on, but she does. Are those their kids? Are they on a date?
He should apply sunscreen.
Poor kid, I don’t think those tears will make mom cough up the money for a lemon ice.
Those lesbians over there look fun.
Sure is a lot of hair product.
That kid looks really bored.
Flip flops are in.
Man that beer cooler must be a bitch to tote around, even with that shoulder strap.

In other game news:

They replaced "Take Me Out to the Ball Game" with "God Bless America" and I’m not sure if that constitutes hat-taking-off.

Beer was 6 dollars. Seats start at 4.

The Reds lost.

4 responses to “MIL 4, CIN 1”

  1. elston Avatar

    Hi Chris :
    Luv the site, it is FUN !
    The CUBS suck as well, want to go to a game though, it is all just fun.
    –we have all the gay teams in Chi – town.
    Cubs, Bears and Bulls HA HA
    Hope all is going well , come visit soon
    and contact me, Say hello to all Cincy Friends !
    Step WILD says hello and enjoys your site as well. Well Gotta go — CHEERS . Happy Summer
    Brian Elston

  2. Sean Avatar

    great observations chris. there is so much more to observe at a ballgame than just the ball or the game. nice photo too. 🙂

  3. Kate the Great Avatar

    I feel exactly the same way about baseball games (which I have posted before). I can hardly focus on runs and bats and pitches and all that other crap. I have way too much fan dancing like a jackass for the Dance Cam and checking out the hot guys with bitchy girlfriends…
    Good times…

  4. TJ Avatar

    That picture is fantastic.