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  • A bright day

    The view from our hotel on the morning of November 5th (see the same vantage during the summer of 2005) So much to say but no time to write. Must get busy.

  • Obama in Dayton

    Speaking to the crowd about the economic situation, jobs, health care and responsibility [ + zoom ] The streets were covered in fog this morning as I drove downtown, hoping to get a chance to hear Barack Obama speak in person. I did, and it was awesome. A good chunk of that awesomeness was the […]

  • There’s no debating it…

    Ike the cat We’re keeping him. Dan took the little fella to the vet and he checked out fine save for a few fleas. He’s got his shots, a sharp looking collar, and a place in our home. I promise not to make this a cat blog. Aside: Watched the other debate… I personally felt […]

  • My first bumpersticker, and playing the card

    I’m going to play the cancer card to tell a story. I should fess up, I detest the idiomatic phrase to play any card, but it seems to crop up a bit these days–usually to obfuscate a matter. My intention is to shed light on one. Most folks don’t know (or forget) that I was […]

  • The Many Moods of Farrah

    cue Charlie’s Angels music [ + zoom ] I spent a chunk of the day moving things around the studio. Loading up the car with flat stacks of cardboard. Making mental note of stock levels and shipping supplies. And sorting things into piles. So many piles. I think Tom is secretly bringing out bins of […]

  • property line

    This, a view down the street from the studio today Sometimes I wish politics were this clear cut. Other times I turn off the TV, radio, avoid newspapers and certain websites. Wait a minute, politics are this clear cut. . Current music: The Rave-Ups “Positively Lost Me”

  • motorcade

    I-675 [ uncrop, zoom out ] President Bush was in town yesterday. Traveling between a speech about the Iraq war at the Air Force Museum and a fundraiser down the road. We crossed paths, kinda. Somehow Dan and I managed to get on the highway at the exact point before they shut down all the […]

  • Scientology’s closed

    due to thetans You might be wondering, what is a thetan? (pronounced THAY-tan) I was wondering the same thing when I walked to lunch this afternoon. Luckily the Wikipedia has an answer that works as well as Cliffs Notes did back in high school: When a person dies – or, in Scientology terms, when a […]

  • In lieu of a lapel sticker

    that felt really good

  • Every kid will pine for stuffed Abe Lincoln in the crane game

    Now if they only had a Reagan Comes with notable quotes on the tag! “Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.” I hope that comes to fruition some day. Current music: José […]