I-675 [ uncrop, zoom out ]

President Bush was in town yesterday. Traveling between a speech about the Iraq war at the Air Force Museum and a fundraiser down the road. We crossed paths, kinda.

Somehow Dan and I managed to get on the highway at the exact point before they shut down all the exits and blocked the turnarounds in the median.

It was downright spooky: Our empty side of the highway and his procession approaching.

As we passed I can’t deny a tingling sensation—likely from the notion that a v. powerful person in the world was in such proximity.

I had to respect that.

But I can’t deny I felt immediately better when there was some distance between us.

I’m looking forward to some time apart as well.

Current music: The Dears “Lost In The Plot”

3 responses to “motorcade”

  1. There’s no picture Chris! Did the Secret Service hit you with a denial of service? Did you see something you shouldn’t have? Please contact us to let us know you’re still safe and on US soil!!!