I-675 [ uncrop, zoom out ]

President Bush was in town yesterday. Traveling between a speech about the Iraq war at the Air Force Museum and a fundraiser down the road. We crossed paths, kinda.

Somehow Dan and I managed to get on the highway at the exact point before they shut down all the exits and blocked the turnarounds in the median.

It was downright spooky: Our empty side of the highway and his procession approaching.

As we passed I can’t deny a tingling sensation—likely from the notion that a v. powerful person in the world was in such proximity.

I had to respect that.

But I can’t deny I felt immediately better when there was some distance between us.

I’m looking forward to some time apart as well.

Current music: The Dears “Lost In The Plot”

3 responses to “motorcade”

  1. David Avatar

    There’s no picture Chris! Did the Secret Service hit you with a denial of service? Did you see something you shouldn’t have? Please contact us to let us know you’re still safe and on US soil!!!

  2. Chris Glass Avatar

    Oops David! My bad. Fixed!

  3. arse poetica Avatar

    F*ck B*sh. Great shot though.