A bright day

The view from our hotel on the morning of November 5th (see the same vantage during the summer of 2005)

So much to say but no time to write.

Must get busy.

2 responses to “A bright day”

  1. Darrell Avatar

    Ah, I grew up in Bellevue and this was my view for years. Too bad its all built up now.

  2. John in NOLA Avatar
    John in NOLA

    Hi Chris. John in NOLA here – haven’t posted in forever. I was in Cincinnati recently – during the Wind Hurricane, in fact – and stopped my MICA on Madison Road and got one of your “Cincinnati Transit Map for Optimists” T-shirts. I love it – the 2X fits me perfectly – but it confuses my friends here in New Orleans, even though they know I was in Cincy for 2 months!
    What a cool neighborhood Mt. Adams is! Wish it wasn’t so pricy…