The Many Moods of Farrah

cue Charlie’s Angels music [ + zoom ]

I spent a chunk of the day moving things around the studio. Loading up the car with flat stacks of cardboard. Making mental note of stock levels and shipping supplies. And sorting things into piles.

So many piles.

I think Tom is secretly bringing out bins of stuff in the middle of the night.

Which, if they contain things like the above pictured “The Many Moods of Farrah,” I am not only cool with it, I would encourage such additions.

I think he got this box of Farrah Fawcett doll heads a long time ago at Urban Outfitters, which I had no idea was run by a very wealthy conservative. I suppose I shouldn’t let a CEO’s politics bother me, but it does. (and I’m well aware it goes both ways.)

These political notions might put Farrah in a perplexed but affable mood, because that’s how I like to imagine she rolls.

3 responses to “The Many Moods of Farrah”

  1. Noted Chuck,
    I need to find the article. It didn’t seem to paint a picture where every Walmart had this go down, but I’ll verify and adjust.