MusicNOW Festival ’08

Memorial Hall — stage set with an installation by Karl Jensen

The MusicNow festival ended on Saturday night with performances by Grizzly Bear and Andrew Bird.

The former I’d heard about when Erik interviewed them for Bears Gone Wild. He told me I should bring down some bubba shirts for the fellas, so that’s exactly what I did. Friendly guys those Grizzly Bears, accepting the bag of shirts graciously before putting on a sweet show. And by sweet I mean awesome, with unusual instrumentation and great harmonies. A little melancholy, a little fuzzy, and all totally enthralling.

Mental note: send out a camo tee to their sound dude.

Closing out the event was Andrew Bird and call me silly, but I was a virgin to his music prior to this evening. I am correcting this oversight by delving into his catalogue after experiencing a decided and significant “whoa” by his performance. A multi-instrumentalist who builds his song onstage with such a demeanor that you believe every word from his lips and pluck of his violin. That is, if you were one who might not believe violins before.

My words no good, here’s a video of Imitosis on a French television program.

And alas, there are lots more photos, but I’ve got to hit the pavement and then follow-up on emails, do my taxes, and (insert the avalanche of Monday).

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The Breeders: record release party

At a Dayton V.F.W.

I’ve been pretty excited about this for a while and the day is finally here. The official word:

“To celebrate the imminent arrival of their new album, The Breeders would like to invite you to their official record release event. Join Kim, Kelley and the band to listen to a vinyl test pressing of the Mountain Battles album in its entirety.”

So what’s this have to do with me, aside from being a fan that’s looking forward to the new album?

Well, I’ve been helping the band get their website online, taking photos over the past few months, and wielded a video-camera alongside Mando (bassist) to capture this release party.

If you’ve got a chunk of time to spare, you can hear the whole new album and watch it all go down.

I recommend headphones:


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(and me… there… in the window!)

Busy gal, this Kelley Deal.

She’s got a book droppin’ in 08, and maybe a new album too—but don’t ask me for details, I know nothing.

What she doesn’t have is very many photos of herself making music, so we spent a few hours snapping some shots this evening.

I need to study that Strobist ‘blog more and learn about using flash off camera. Overall though, I think we got some goof stuff tonight, and either way, it was fun tryin.


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Dan’s faculty recital

Performing Vignettes for Trumpet and Percussion by James M. Stevenson III

Drove up from Farm Day, threw on some pants and got to Dan’s recital just in time.

The months of preparation paid off and we were treated to a great performance, and no, I’m not biased.

I have to say, I welled up a little seeing the last piece played out with Dan and his bestest friend “Brown”
on percussion. They’ve known each other since doing a tour in Italy and haven’t stopped gabbing since. In fact, I think she’s his #1 on speed dial. I’d be jealous if she wasn’t so groovy.

When they came out for their bow (photo), I was flush with joy.

A reception followed where we packed 40 colleagues, family and friends into our apartment. So packed it was hard to get from one side of the room to another. Mental note: next party, organize a drink station and put a ladle in the mulled cider.

Big shout out thanks to my mom for coming, helping me get the food out, and for this recipe:

PUMPKIN DIP (so easy, I couldn’t mess it up)

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The National: Madison Theater – Covington, KY

Another solid show [ bigger, sharper picture ]

Haven’t been out to many rock concerts this year. I’m not counting the American Idol tour.

Always try and catch The National when they roll through town. They’ve got music making down pat.

Stopped by my mom’s on the way back up north.

Apple season has begun and she’d already been to our favorite orchard. A big bag full of delicious fruit and some cider was ready for pickup. (thanks ma)

This means autumn is here, but it wasn’t the apples that tipped me off… It was when Frisch’s Big Boy puts out the signs for Pumpkin Pie a couple weeks back. Like clockwork, and as reliable as Halloween candy taking over the seasonal aisle.

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The National: Shake It Records

fresh from their performance at Dustaroo

I like because I don’t have to do anything. It simply collects data from iTunes and publishes it to their slow performing site (now owned by CBS). What this webservice doesn’t capture is the music that I play in my car.

That short list would have The National’s Boxer lodged firmly in the CD player ever since its release. Solid album through and through, fuzzy emotions, and perfect as some say with a tall glass of lemonade (shot of whiskey optional).

Super happy to catch them two times on Friday. The first, a small acoustic set at Shake It, and again as full band at the 20th Century Theatre.

There’s a few pictures here: Recent photos tagged “The National”

Previously: At the Comet 3/14/04, At WOXY 3/16/05

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The Young Republic

Nate Underkufler warming up in the hallway outside the lounge

Started today with a little diversion down at WOXY and ended up taking pictures of The Young Republic (again!). Good to hear some live music and see the crew there, albeit it way too short.

Been working round the clock, cramming so I can take a few days off this holiday weekend. No plans set but I hope it involves no browser compatibility issues.

I’ll spare the details and provide some links:

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O Fortuna

Schuster Center [ + blurry zoom ]

Dan got me in to see the last Dayton Philharmonic performance of the season. The latter half being Carmina Burana, a favorite of mine since singing it with the May Festival Youth Chorus back when I didn’t have any hair on my chest.

I tried not to mouth the words and look a fool, but my toes were tapping along for sure. Such a spirited piece.

Afterward, a gathering of the brass section over a spread worthy of royalty, and drinks under the stars. When I say royalty I mean grilled brats and burgers, cheese and fruit, and chocolate cake heavy with frosting. Heaven.

I’m reminded not much beats the smell of a fire. Can’t wait for camping.

Oh the deer heads? An interior view from the from the hosts’ abode.

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Current earworm: Meatballs soundtrack – 1979

and a dandelion

Are you ready for the summer?
Are you ready for the sunshine?
Are you ready for some friends (?) and bees (beads?),
the apple trees,
and a whole lot of fooling around?

Are you ready for the summer?
Are you ready for the good times?
Are you ready for the birds and bees,
the apple trees,
and a whole lot of fooling around?

Are you ready for the summer?
Are you ready for the good times?
Are you ready some lovin’ fun,
in the sun?
Cause the summer is waiting for you.

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Leave Spoons at Home

2006 year end

My friend loves music.

In fact, the first time I met him years ago, we spent a good portion of lunch just jabbering about bands and shows. We still dish music and noise, and his influence should be evident in the tracks I note with recent journal entries. My taste is awful, but I have a few handfuls of excellent sources to keep me from of spinning grunge and shoegazer stuff from the 90’s.

So I look forward to his yearly mix of favorites with Pavlovian drool — lots for the music, but extra for the packaging.

I still listen to the double disc set from 2004 (and 2005, but I haven’t made a page for that yet).

This year he got inspiration for the artwork from his grandmother’s couch, using it as a texture on the outside and the CDs themselves.

Super purdy.

Now to wear out the CDs and tear out the shopping list.

PhotosPackaging + Track List

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