Leave Spoons at Home

2006 year end

My friend loves music.

In fact, the first time I met him years ago, we spent a good portion of lunch just jabbering about bands and shows. We still dish music and noise, and his influence should be evident in the tracks I note with recent journal entries. My taste is awful, but I have a few handfuls of excellent sources to keep me from of spinning grunge and shoegazer stuff from the 90’s.

So I look forward to his yearly mix of favorites with Pavlovian drool — lots for the music, but extra for the packaging.

I still listen to the double disc set from 2004 (and 2005, but I haven’t made a page for that yet).

This year he got inspiration for the artwork from his grandmother’s couch, using it as a texture on the outside and the CDs themselves.

Super purdy.

Now to wear out the CDs and tear out the shopping list.

PhotosPackaging + Track List

Current music: Kimya Dawson “12/26”

10 responses to “Leave Spoons at Home”

  1. Wow, this amazing. I make my friend a mix CD every year but this just blows mine completely out of the water! Looks like I have to up the creativity and production values of mine.

  2. Don’t feel any worse for the wear Johnny, I couldn’t approach the levels of detail of his mad design skills either. My purpose is to appreciate.
    Come visit Michelle!
    And thank ya FreD! Link fixed.

  3. Fantastic. I’ve been doing an annual mix’n’mail collection for only about 5 years now, and have used Jewelboxing as a solution.
    This packaging puts everything to shame. Does he work in the printing industry or does he just spend a fortune getting them all produced? Yowsers…

  4. He’s most comfortable in print Brian, and he makes each one of these by hand. It’s pretty amazing.
    And Colleen, I feel your want and a bit of guilt for flaunting his work, but it’s so darn good.