The National: Shake It Records

fresh from their performance at Dustaroo

I like because I don’t have to do anything. It simply collects data from iTunes and publishes it to their slow performing site (now owned by CBS). What this webservice doesn’t capture is the music that I play in my car.

That short list would have The National’s Boxer lodged firmly in the CD player ever since its release. Solid album through and through, fuzzy emotions, and perfect as some say with a tall glass of lemonade (shot of whiskey optional).

Super happy to catch them two times on Friday. The first, a small acoustic set at Shake It, and again as full band at the 20th Century Theatre.

There’s a few pictures here: Recent photos tagged “The National”

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Current music: The National “Gospel”

One response to “The National: Shake It Records”

  1. Rachel Avatar

    I love The National. Boxer is beautiful. I’m jealous you got to see them! (Twice!)
    P.S. You should consider making your t-shirts in girly sizes because I’d totally buy them if they were small enough for me!