trumpet city

Behind the red couch on a snow day [ + zoom out ]

Ice spittle hit the windows for hours yesterday. Sounded like a rainstick with no end.

Good day for grilled cheese and soup.

Dan has a super important interview this week. So instead of practicing in his studio, he came out to the living room and performed his entire recital sans accompaniment.

So while I worked through emails and HTML, I got a free concert.

An audio clip [ MP3 3.5 MB ] Hummel Trumpet Concerto

Snow came overnight and added a few inches to the ground, and we don’t have sleds.

Current music: Dan practicing recital “Hummel Trumpet Concerto”

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the last 6 photos from my mobile phone

It’s hard to sum up the sprawl of poo that was today.

Let’s just say I have a new cruddy mobile phone to replace a broken one, but the good news is that I did not extend my contract. I also saved the last 6 photos, pictured above, but if you’d like a better look…

I used to post these mobile photos here, but somehow I mucked up some phone settings and I gave up trying to figure it out.

Also, I’m driving a rental Corolla with kidney-punching lumbar support while I try and figure out how to get my ride to a dealership for evaluation. Something to do with oil not getting to the engine… It’s an aging ’98 Passat with 140K, but I love it.

The good part of all this? I been trying for a while to find appropriate background music when I write in the ol’ journal. Generally based on a theme that sums up the day, it offers an approach to an out of control digital music collection—unearthing long forgotten, or never heard tune-age.

Tonight I’ve been enjoying:

Ween “Don’t Shit Where You Eat”
Modest Mouse “Shit Luck”
Eels “Old Shit/New Shit”
Quasi “Hot Shit”
Bug Guts “Beanstalk to Shittsville”
!!! “Shit Scheisse Merde, Pt 1 & 2”

So yeah, creating playlists based on word = fun. Really.

On a related note, I started feeding a while ago and it keeps track of this stuff.. I find the site sort’ve slow and confusing sometimes, but like all this, it might be nice in old age to sift back through the days and data slong gone by. Shitty or not.

Current music: Headphones “Shit Talker”

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10/10 10:10

bringing WOXY back


WOXY officially rocks again.

Better stream quality, totally free, and lots of good stuff in the works.

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DJ Princess

behind the microphone [ +zoom ]

I went down to the radio station to take a few shots yesterday, and Babs was on duty. Even as the station gets ready to power-down and go off “air” this week, she still asks, “So what music have you been listening to lately?”

These people rock to their core.

She’s heading off to Minnesota Public Radio to lend her sultry voice to The Current, so that’s cool. (story here)

I hope to report future bright stories from these fine folks.

Until then, there are t-shirts .

A Trip to Motown

with the Cincinnati Pops

Dan performed with the Pops last night at Riverbend – the place I used to work when I was old enough to pour beer. It was a fine summer job, especially whenever Jimmy Buffet came through town and super-drunk folks wearing zany hats would tip well.

Enough about that, the Pops concert was great. And though I’m not sure how “A Trip to Motown” would include two selections from Flashdance, I can’t complain hearing “What a Feeling” fully orchestrated. Irene Cara would be pleased. (The other selection was Love Them which the Pops have previously recorded. If you have iTunes, here’s a sample)

Music of Stevie Wonder, Otis Redding, and a new arrangement of “Birdland” rounded out the first half before The Contours took over the second.

Weather was unexpectedly good, I fear this implies more summer heat is on the way.

my first mash-up

Caption unavailable

I attempted listening to the #1 song in iTunes and was transported back to a time when MTV played videos. I lament this often because I think music videos were important to my development. I suppose I should stop beating this topic because kids raised on My Super Sweet 16 will likely turn out totally fine.

Anyway, my first mashup is a little over 2 minutes long, which clocks in about 1 minute longer than it needs to be. Though the technology makes mash-ups easy, it was hard to make all the audio blends totally seamless.

Hear it is:

Promiscuous Opposites (Paula Abdul + Nelly Furtato featuring Timberlands) MP3
(right click to save)

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Desdemona Festival

Sawyer Point Park, Cincinnati

This marks the first year for the indie rock festival organized by Nick Spencer – a strong proponent of advancing Cincinnati as not only a destination, but a place to live.

And though Pitchfork said of the fest, “good luck with that” – the clouds parted ways of impending storm, and luck was indeed had.

I went down last night to find easy parking and a small but good sized crowd, excellent burgers, and short beer lines.

Caught a bit of Margot and the Nuclear So and So’s, Northern State, The High and Low, and Apples in Stereo. For complete coverage, I can’t recommend highly enough Good Hodgkins who came down to report from Cleveland (and takes EXCELLENT photos).

WOXY was there as well, my hub for information, general dish, food recommendations, and overall good time.

Then there was the highlight: as I was off to the right of the stage snapping photos, I get approached by a fellow Croc wearer, “Are you Chris Glass?” At this point my brows likely twisted into that look indicating memory access.

Turns out she knows me from the journal (a former Cincinnatian), just moved from Germany to San Diego, and is a fellow blogger and Flickr(er). We’ve crossed paths virtually a few times, but meeting someone in real life tends to help cement a connection (but in Kell’s words: not in a Kathy Bates / Misery kind of way).

If the New York trip wasn’t already a great reminder, this was another experience where I am glad to be online, in the company of good people.

Tonight: a bit more of Desdemona, then an unlikely music pairing with Pollard and Pearl Jam at the arena next door.

Jason Lytle

I just wanna elevate myself

Tonight, a benefit concert—the Emmett Art Show, benefitting a child that had a complicated entrance into the world.

Judging from the amount of support from artists and musicians, he’s got a bunch of folks rooting for his well being. Among them, Jason Lytle of Grandaddy, capping off an evening with a great art auction and a handful of local bands.

I’m still reeling a wee bit from seeing the lead singer from one of my favorite (now defunct) bands performing material in an intimate venue.

Good cause.
Good evening.

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the devil’s interval

diabolus in musica

The weekend was full of interesting things. One tidbit in particular came by sitting down at a piano and learning about a tritone—a type of chord with a strange history:

In the Middle Ages, the Roman Catholic Church banned an interval that we would today write as the notes C and F#, which is called a tritone. In those times, musical instruments were tuned differently than they are today, and our modern instruments can’t reproduce this interval exactly… To hear it, or something very close to it, sing the first two notes of Leonard Bernstein’s song “Maria” from West Side Story. (source)

Speaking of church, I also attended my first first communion this weekend, but details will have to wait until the work whistle blows.

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Clogs + The Books

at the Contemporary Arts Center

MusicNow Festival, 2006

The installation of Karl Jensen’s large paper lanterns and backdrop to the stage was mesmerizing. Cutouts of intricate detail and symmetry with light pouring from behind lent a cool vibe to the joint—like some fantastic nightclub of the future, but with really uncomfortable seating. Oh yeah, I’m focusing on the positive.

Clogs opened. Their instrumentation of guitar, bassoon, viola and changing percussion churned out quiet, contemplative pieces. Vocals would seep in here and there, more as instrument than lyric. Lantern, the title track of their latest album and inspiration for decor, closed their set with a bit of upbeat but wistful melancholy.

Short intermission where I got to hang with friends including Garrison, and then it was back inside for a most extraordinary experience that is The Books performing live.

Their set list was a numeric chapter listing on a DVD projected on to a screen.

I’m guessing that the beats and sound clips were contained on the DVD, with the two members of the band providing vocals, guitar and cello on the spot.

A hodgepodge of videos in the background reminded me of Vinnie‘s x-mas mixes. Weird and wonderful stuff, chopped up and twisted around to create something new.

Totally. Awesome.

And completely unlike the photos that came from my camera.

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