O Fortuna

Schuster Center [ + blurry zoom ]

Dan got me in to see the last Dayton Philharmonic performance of the season. The latter half being Carmina Burana, a favorite of mine since singing it with the May Festival Youth Chorus back when I didn’t have any hair on my chest.

I tried not to mouth the words and look a fool, but my toes were tapping along for sure. Such a spirited piece.

Afterward, a gathering of the brass section over a spread worthy of royalty, and drinks under the stars. When I say royalty I mean grilled brats and burgers, cheese and fruit, and chocolate cake heavy with frosting. Heaven.

I’m reminded not much beats the smell of a fire. Can’t wait for camping.

Oh the deer heads? An interior view from the from the hosts’ abode.

Current music: “Tanz”

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  1. John in NOLA Avatar
    John in NOLA

    Sounds wonderful!
    Dayton Philharmonic. Glad to know about it. There is also a Louisiana Philharmonic (and yes, there is such a thing, even yet). And it is a surprisingly good orchestra, in the city that first staged Grand Opera in the United States. (sorry, forgive the hometown pride…)
    I have two friends from New Orleans who have bought a condo in Dayton – well, OK, Kettering – so I’ll have at least two friends when I finally DO move to Cincinnati…
    Seems to be lots to choose from in the cultural arena in the Cincinnati/Dayton area. It almost seems like a “Boston of the Midwest”.