Almost Germany

.Mental note: odd interpolation of pixels on those powerlines

The weather was postcard perfect on Sunday for the set up on the streets of O’Bryonville. This was our first time selling wares direct in meatspace, and man did we learn a ton. The fine folks at MiCA went to great lengths, providing a table, backdrop, tags, and tips.

Shared the sidewalk with Jenny from Three Sheets 2, maker of prints, pillows, and lots more excellent items (like bedding for instance). It brought a ray of hope that there are great people doing stuff they love here in the city of Cincinnati. Hope to cross paths more. Really, go check out her stuff.

I really need to flush out my adjectives, but I personally don’t think one can overuse great, awesome, excellent, or fine – which is a funny word depending on inflection, but consider it drawn out and most positive in these instances.

Ma stopped by for a few and we rejoined later, enjoying dinner outside.

Again, excellent.

Current music: Beirut “Scenic world (Version)”

2 responses to “Almost Germany”

  1. D R E W Avatar

    you should have let me know you were in town. i’d have stopped to see you!

  2. Chris Glass Avatar

    I’m trying to get better at projecting future events Drew. But until then, you need to pop up to the studio, or we meet for lunch or something.