from favorite bakery, Take the Cake, freshly moved to Northside

Friday was awesome.

Printed up some test shirts, broke out of the studio, and tooled around on what might have been the best day weather-wise yet this year. Blue skies, windows down.

Squared up some music, ate a delicious lunch, topped the latter off with a cupcake from the bakery mentioned above, headed over to O’Bryonville and had my inaugural visit to very neat contemporary craft store Mica.

I’m leaving a few bits out and blaming that on an equally packed weekend with the loss of an hour.

PhotosBecause photos are easier than words

Current music: Soul Coughing “Soft Serve”

2 responses to “sweet”

  1. Kate Avatar

    You make me hungry with that beautiful pic.
    Nice feature on you in CinWeekly. I was thrilled to know (via blogging) someone they profiled.
    Cheers 🙂

  2. Jen Avatar

    I’ve become a fan of your blog from Gina (one of my favorite people in the world) at Cin Weekly. I had to stop by and say hi and that I love lunch at Honey, too. It made me hungry for Cincinnati. Many of your photos and posts have that same effect on me!