2007 Northside Independence Day Parade

Luchadores, Fantasticos de Northside!

Another year, another great parade.

The rain held back. I grilled meats. Mom made green beans. And there was a slew of other tasty tidbits, like these cupcakes (thanks Kate). Coolers were packed. Kids made bubbles. Adults blew horns. Politicians handed out stickers. Candy was thrown. I could go on and on.

Sadly missing, my sis and her family, and my brother Robert – but he sent a little video greeting so it felt like he was almost there. I did get the rare pleasure of seeing other brother Tom (we have the same glare).

Camera charged, there’s some video floating around but I have to piece that together. Until then:

Photos Photos from the parade

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One response to “2007 Northside Independence Day Parade”

  1. Alana Avatar

    Hummm, Northside ain’t Mayberry… 😉
    Still peeking at your site periodically.