Beautiful Loser

Mixed media installation on 1979 Ford delivery Truck
Barry McGee and Josh Lazcano

Dave and I were productive monkeys today, getting business in order, watering plants in the studio, and tackling piles of papers. Wandering around downtown for lunch, nonplussed with the options, we stumbled across the installation outside the CAC. I’ve determined that I’ll go see the new exhibit, Beautiful Losers tomorrow.

Other than that, it’s been a pretty unspectacular day. Well, unless you consider losing 4 years of email and corrupting an Entourage database spectacular. I’ve been fiddling with Office X installers, updaters, FAQs and tech sites all night to no avail. Strangely, I’m not freaking out, but there is a sense of immense loss. All my backups are experiencing the same issue. This can’t be right.

I know, not near as exciting as shirtless pics, but that’s the way the data crumbles.

UPDATE: Start fresh with Entourage, launch to rebuild database, back to finder, switch in the old dud database. Bingo. Fixed. Bless America, with whatever God you choose.