Dinner Club: Slims (The First)

The second course, or was it the third…

Twelve friends gathered at Slims for the first of what we hope is a successful run of meeting up at area restaurants to play catch up and enjoy food without the pressure of hosting, cooking or cleaning.

I don’t often marvel at the composition of the folks I find myself with. There are common threads among us, ranging back from middle school through college and beyond into the workplace — different circles that overlapped and merged.

I could pare down each person in the group with some single definable characteristic, but I’d rather find the similarity.

I believe it’s appreciative.

We enjoy…
… conversation.
… the food before us.
… sharing music.
… the events of life.
… keeping career-talk in check.
… dishing about tv programs.
… recommending things and hearing recommendations.
And we enjoy each other’s company.

The food, as I’m finding at Slims, was delicious, simple and fresh. We scattered many bottles of wine across the table and only one remained unopened by the time dessert was cleared.

If you ever find yourself at this place, and don’t mind eating meat – get the pork.

It all starts with this tiny little spicy number with olives and a hot pickle. Coupled with the bread, I could nibble on this for hours

Lucky Wine #9, Bottled by Sokol Blosser Winery
Dundee, OR

The mousse was potent, but I’d recommend the large Crème bruleé

As we wrapped up, there was a nice red sunset