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May 06, 2004

Dinner Club: Boca


I raced back from Columbus just in time for dinner club. My stomach was still very queasy from some bad food mojo earlier in the week, but I decided to take it easy and get some nourishment and visit with friends.

We ate at Boca, another joint right across the street from me which is known for their caramelized brussel sprouts with scallops. So very tasty. I had chicken that night, and I can attest, it was likely some of the best chicken I've tasted. Succulent with a pan seared golden skin set atop lemon risotto.

I coupled the meal with a Sprite, and that seemed to calm my stomach down.

Service was good, though very s l o w.

It was also amusing to see the place seemed to attract lots of exotic dancers that night. I haven't seen so many boob jobs and bleached roots in a long time.

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