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  • Core Memory

    Digital Equipment Corporation PDP8/F Can’t stop looking at images from Mark Richards’ Core Memory: A Visual Survey of Vintage Computers. I’m trying to be more budget-conscious this year, but I feel compelled to purchase this book—much like I would feel compelled to flip every single one of those switches. Take that touchscreens. And that color […]

  • Pajama story time

    Part of the “80 from the 80’s” mural by Antonio Adams in the back of Shake It Looking for something to do with the kids Friday (March 30) evening? Check out the release party for the second book on the Shake It, Ink imprint — There’s An Octopus Under My Bed. Pajama story time starts […]

  • Ed Emberley’s “Make a World”

    The book that changed my life As a kid my mom drove me all the way to the Art Academy for kids’ drawing class. I loved those hours, and had great fun. But the real kicker was shopping in the book store at the art museum after lessons completed. It was there I was allowed […]

  • More Tales of the City

    snickering poolside, Upper Price Hill As poolside books go, this one moved at an entertaining clip. Now to find the PBS video…

  • Pop-up

    Back to the kid stuff My friends’ daughter is totally into Maisy. I’d never heard of this mouse character before, but after having a few shows play in the background, it seems pretty innocuous. There doesn’t seem to be any of the annoying chanting of Barney/Teletubbies/Boohbah/ etc. etc, and there’s a great heavy line illustrational […]

  • Alphabet Book

    Z is for zipper (from $1 children’s purse from a flea market) A few things I learned while making my first book with Apple’s iPhoto software. I’ve been waiting for the upgrade that would let me do two-sided pages. I’ve been toying with the idea for an alphabet book for my friends’ daughter for some […]

  • Embrace your secret urge to do absolutely nothing today

    The etymology of 69? After thinking about same-sex marriage, I needed some levity. I’m now reading The Hedonism Handbook: Mastering the Arts of Leisure and Pleasure, which I should add, is a very nicely designed volume perfect for bedside or bathroom. Starting with a rough history of hedonism in the 1800s, the author fills pages […]

  • Bedside

    A lamp, a hat, a book, hand salve and an alarm clock My skin has been super-dry of late and the Farmer’s Friend hand salve with non-revolting fragrance at bedside is good, but greasy. I leave thumbprints on the pages of the book I’m reading, Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I’m just gearing […]

  • It’s not kinky, it’s gross

    Found Magazine at Shake It Records Back in Cincinnati in one piece. So Paul mentioned that Found Magazine was touring the country and would be up the street tonight. We braved the rain all met up. Mark, Eric, Paul and myself got some low carb (for the most part) vittles at Unos and then made […]

  • Shelving it

    Putting things in their place and realizing I don’t need them Aside from reading A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius* at my bedside. I’m unearthing boxes of books strewn about the place and putting them on to shelves. I’m never going to read Socrates to Satre, now am I really? And that DeLillo hardback is […]