More Tales of the City

snickering poolside, Upper Price Hill

As poolside books go, this one moved at an entertaining clip. Now to find the PBS video…

5 responses to “More Tales of the City”

  1. Crioknight Avatar

    Just out of curiosity. Is that an Armistead Maupin book? I take it that it might be from the title of the posting.

  2. Chris Glass Avatar

    It is indeed Crioknight.
    The literary equivalent of Budweiser. Cheap and intoxicating if you go through it fast enough.

  3. byron Avatar

    please indulge my boastful moment: back in 1998 when i lived in san francisco, i watched the premiere of More Tales of the City at Armistead Maupin’s house. he invited me and some other friends to a small gathering which included a few of the show’s cast members, including the deliciously handsome Mouse Tolliver (played by Paul Hopkins – not the original Mouse). i’m still amazed at the experience. I snapped a photo in his bathroom just to say i had been there but now I can’t find it 🙂

  4. Crioknight Avatar

    OMG.. How stinkin cool is that!?!?
    HOly sh*%&t (I think i threw an extra symbol in there to intensify the expletive.)

  5. Raybob Avatar

    Read these all *several* times, loved them. Really liked the movies, too; I thought they were very well done, indeed. My only sorrow is that I was born about fifteen years too late to experience that wild time that he portrayed in his books. But, if I had, I might not be here now.