Ed Emberley’s “Make a World”

The book that changed my life

As a kid my mom drove me all the way to the Art Academy for kids’ drawing class. I loved those hours, and had great fun. But the real kicker was shopping in the book store at the art museum after lessons completed. It was there I was allowed to get an Ed Emberley book every few visits.

And this, this is how I learned to draw.
How to see things as shapes put together.

I honestly believe drawing is something anyone can learn, at any age. It’s like laying brick. If you devote attention, you can do it. (Take a life drawing class if you don’t believe me) … or…

These books are a fine place to start.

Advanced practices are based on these principles: Break down what you THINK you see, and understand the shapes.

All that said, they’ve re-issued Ed’s Make a World book. The one chock full of subjects ranging from vehicles, to people, to buildings. (Mind you, it’s all stick figurey, but valuable).

I’m not entirely thrilled with the reprint, and I made a little video review of the new edition viewable here (with my shoddy voiceover), but I still love the book, don’t get me wrong.

5 responses to “Ed Emberley’s “Make a World””

  1. Heather Avatar

    Love those books! Hey I just noticed your t-shirt making video… was that a machine that applies your photo emulsion? I did screen prints in college (printmaking class) but it was all by hand. That machine is awesome! Next time you should end with yourself wearing the shirt. (or is that too expected?)

  2. Chris Glass Avatar

    Nope. No machine to apply the photo emulsion. But it is a FILM emulsion that is easy to apply. It’s called capillary film and makes the process much easier, cleaner, and faster.
    No more liquid emulsion glop.
    As for that video of the shirt making, I really want to re-do it (hence my not sharing it directly)… It’s missing a few steps.

  3. Eamonn Avatar

    Thnks for the tip Chris!
    One of my biggest disappointments is that I was never able to draw anything more sophisticated than something a four year old would do, so hopefully this book is right up my alley.
    I’m definitely going to look into this book and see what comes from it. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.
    And you have a really lovely voice by the way.

  4. Libby Avatar

    Did you know Wendy got me that book for my book shower? I also remember Ed Emberly from childhood…too bad it didn’t take.

  5. Matt Avatar

    Wow! Thank you so much for this. It almost made me weep with nostalgia … I had this book as a kid. Picked it up on a trip to Florida in the late 70s, and shared it with my friends in England when I got home. We were enthralled by it. The hours I spent doing these drawings! No idea where my copy is now, though …