It’s not kinky, it’s gross

Found Magazine at Shake It Records

Back in Cincinnati in one piece.

So Paul mentioned that Found Magazine was touring the country and would be up the street tonight. We braved the rain all met up. Mark, Eric, Paul and myself got some low carb (for the most part) vittles at Unos and then made it back to the record store to hear snippets from found letters, along with some acoustic songs inspired by said letters.

What a nice Monday change-o-pace, especially with the downpour.

Davy Rothbart, Point Guard for the zine delivered tidbits with a down to earth goodness and his brother performed a quick set. Some song about big booties stuck in my head.

Check out the magazine, buy the book. And also look on the website to see if they are coming to your town. They’re hitting all 50 states.