A banner day

We got into camp mid-afternoon and the Marmot got right into getting the tent and cots set up. Once the shade tent (purchased oddly enough at Alberstons grocery store) was erected, we stole a picnic table and the crafts began.

I had cut out hundreds of fabric squares in red, yellow, green, blue and white in advance. Intended to mimic Tibetan prayer flags, we decided to scrap the white since the black paint would’ve made a big ol mess.

With a couple stencils made, folks would come over and try their hand at daubing fabric paint on with a sponge or brush. Martijn stole the show with excellent craftsmanship but it never would have been completed without the help of campmates Dave and Brian.

Already with the dozen of folks set up, the vibe of camp BearsGoneWild was taking shape.

Super-dooper good vibe.

This was a diverse group of folks, and I was happy to meet Shannon, a feller from Dallas I met at TBRU a few years back along with a handful of folks from this here journal. Some I’d met before, some were new faces, and some I simply forgot their names. These slips of my memory would be remedied by the days to come– the days of endless sunshine and perfect weather.

That night, I slept like a log on that cot.

One response to “Guerneville”

  1. CM Harrington Avatar

    I went to Guerneville/LazyBear a few years back. While I didn’t much like the people (they were all very nice, but I couldn’t relate to any of them), I thought the area was possibly the most beautiful I’ve ever seen on the west coast. I went with a friend up the PCH from SF, and could do nothing but drool at the gorgeous coastline, redwoods and rocky cliffs.
    I still need to get back there. Perhaps sometime soon. I have pictures of the trip, and when I finally add the photo portion of Localtype I’ll share them
    Oh, and congrats on the design… it’s far better than the LJ template