Jim is always that happy in front of his laptop, really.

I knew I’d have to head home at some point. Languishing in the company of friends is always nice, but I was starting to clean the kitchen and I knew where most of the pots and pans went. The home of the three bears is quite comfy. The space works.

With the two Macs on the kitchen table, one might imagine dueling laptops emitting banjo music. It’s a recurring musical theme for me.

As Jim polished up a promo piece, I did my best not to be a Jonathan Livingston Seagull impersonator (a fly by shitting review). He’s solid though, my two cents were unnecessary.

They pulled out some PixelBlocks. They are like clear little square legos that snap together in any direction. Hold them up to light (or a laptop screen) and you’ve got stuff that makes LightBrite look lame.

Before Ieaving, Kevin, Chad and I watched (most of) Sordid Lives (damn you Netflix and your scratched discs). We didn’t get to see the last few scenes, but the movie was incredibly moving and hilarious nonetheless.

Dialogue swam through my head as I drove home in silence.