Good food and extreme croquet

Iku prepares the salmon

I helped set up the extreme croquet field in front of the barn. The weather was a fine hot heat and the Budweisers went down well.

Neel came out the night before on his sojourn from St. Louis and more folks arrived throughout the day setting up tents and carving out spots to sleep. I must try and remember names… The other three bears, John and Joe, Fish and Robbie, Brian, Trey, Charlie, Kyle, the other Erik… dang, there were more… My memory slips. I also got to meet Phil and he got stuck sharing a tent. Hopefully I didn’t snore.

Iku, a SUPER talented chick living in SF helped prepare dinner with Robbie. At one point we looked at her site and I was getting all misty eyed by a flash animation she made about friends.

Dinner was incredible.

Groups of folks littered around digesting the fine food afterward, until bottles were emptied and the sun was long since gone.