The ol “make a video of yourself lip synching” meme

Go with yourself.

I just couldn’t find a song I liked…

My tribute to Fiona Apple’s MTV Music Awards acceptance speech as interpreted by Janeane Garofalo.

(Thanks to Brian for the idea, Pratt for the instigating push and Erik for the follow-through)

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3 responses to “The ol “make a video of yourself lip synching” meme”

  1. CM Harrington Avatar

    You my friend, are a golden god! Thanks for the spirit up-lift, and Happy Christmas to you and yours.
    Have you dug yourself out of the snow yet?

  2. Chris Glass Avatar

    Heck, I was prepared to wait until it all thawed.

  3. Noel Casale Avatar

    Hey, I’m a friend of Donovan’s (deedub) He showed me the archive of these videos, and I couldn’t resist. Here’s another. This is friggin great. I am sending all my friends to see these.