Daydreaming home improvement

A sketch: medium-term fixes for the kitchen

So that house thing… We found one. We put in an offer, accepted, inspected, appraised, approved. We’re set to close on Monday.

I’ve never done this before, but I figure that means we get keys.

Then I figure we’ll spend the next few days with scrub brushes and tape measures, trying to get a handle on sprucing up the place.

In lieu of packing (like I should), I’ve been spending little slices of time re-imagining rooms in Photoshop (like the kitchen above). It’s not set in stone, it’s just a bit of playing in the digital sandbox.

Needless to say, we’re pretty giddy.

Current music: The Wombats “Let’s Dance to Joy Division”

7 responses to “Daydreaming home improvement”

  1. Brian Faust Avatar

    Woo! Congrats, Chris. I too confess to re-imagining rooms in PS. I dig the tile backsplash.

  2. Michelle Avatar

    Mazel tov on the house! May you have many happy years in it.

  3. kate Avatar

    congrats! looks great. it’s amazing what little touches make a big difference. you guys will rock that place out. and, we’ve used peel and stick kitchen tile before that looks pretty good and super cheap. i want to see more pictures!

  4. Libby Avatar

    There’s a yiddish term we use to say “use it in good health”, but spelling it is out of the question, and google doesn’t seem to know what the hell I’m talking about.
    So we’ll go with Congratulations!

  5. the communicatrix Avatar

    Fantastic news!
    I look forward to seeing reimagining of the guest bedroom. I’m partial to yellow.

  6. chuck Avatar

    congrats! you never forget your first house. i still remember the closing and getting the keys and the first time i walked in the door as it being officially “mine”. tacky indoor/outdoor putting green carpet and all!

  7. Devor Avatar

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