The tail end of California

Right photo by Brent (for scale)

Back in Ohio after a long day of travel yesterday, and I still feel like I’m on Pacific Daylight Time.

Inevitably, trips have little fragments that escape recollection. Between the piles of things that stack up while away, my mind occasionally lapses to something I forgot.

The last day started with green eggs and ham (really). Then we loaded up backpacks for a hike down to the Yuba River. I escaped injury as determined by scale that ended with “recipe for disaster.”

Some random thoughts from the week:

  • I need better shoes. Desperately. Something good for hiking in and out of water.
  • Mindy Smith has a lovely voice, I especially dig the acoustic version of One Moment More (skip the download if you’re not into sap)
  • Paste Magazine has great supplemental DVDs even if Billy Corgan is on the cover.
  • Extra special hat tip to Robbie for stopping by outta the way. Way too short a time to listen to that sweet Irish lilt.
  • If you can’t find your car keys, check the fridge.
  • Whenever I travel west, I get this inexplicable feeling that stirs my spirit.
  • Lots of photos from waterproof cameras on the rafting trip are posted.
  • I need to incorporate steel cut oats with flax oil in my daily regimine.
  • Chicken lady loves life.