Along the way

Taking I-64 along southern Illinois and Indiana through Louisville is a profoundly more interesting drive to get from St. Louis to Cincinnati. I dunno why I go any other way. Save for some impressive thunderstorms at the tail end of the trip giving me white knuckles, I was pleasantly reminded I can go a fair piece on one tank of gas.

Caught Brokeback Mountain at the Tivoli (which is a dang nice theater in STL) before leaving. I’m still a bit miffed it wasn’t filmed in Wyoming, but it seemed a faithful translation of the text. Even with all the media attention however, it was better than Cats and I’d buy a Ennis and Jake lunchbox if they made ’em.

Aside from the flick, there was lots of food, a nifty massage technique with rolling pin, a trip to Ben Franklin (craft store), and a reminder to never play MarioKart with the boys and hope to win.

Always hard leaving my friends there. There’s never enough time.

Hopefully 2006 will bring more opportunities to break bread.

2 responses to “home”

  1. Frank Avatar

    What a hunk you are. Will always love that thick veiny brain of yours.

  2. Naz Avatar

    Funny you mentioned the Tivoli since I just saw the place over Christmas break while at the girl’s parents place. Pseudo deja vu of sorts (though we didn’t have time to watch it).