St. Louis

the burbs

Arrived safely and ahead of schedule, beating my hosts who are currently attending a Cinco de Mayo party.

That’s okay, I can leech their wireless network from the carport.

Tomorrow, rodeo!

If you come out, be sure to look for the tall guy in the camouflage cap wielding a camera, and say howdy.

6 responses to “St. Louis”

  1. John Blanton Avatar

    Awsome picture as usual. Just wondering though is someone with you when you take all these self photos or are you using a tripod.

  2. rohn bayes Avatar

    nice ibook dude

  3. D R E W Avatar

    i like those office waiting room chairs you are sitting on.

  4. byron Avatar

    sexy legs, mate.

  5. chris glass Avatar

    I set the camera on a table with a timer John. (Then I scurry to make it look natural)
    I can see why’d you’d like those chairs Drew. They are fantastically comfortable to boot. So wrong for the outdoors, but they are protected somewhat by the carport.
    And you’re too kind Byron.

  6. onajide Avatar

    Because I wanted to say hello, I’m here. But, I do like the pic even if it was set up. We all do some of that (set up pictures) anyway.