two trips over two days

It’s the time of year for my annual CT scan [ backstory on NHL for those just tuning in ]. It’s necessary to split the procedure over two visits because it’s more fun that way.

This year the UC hospital has a fancy new machine [ photo ] that makes these two trips go by superquick—fast enough that the injected contrast doesn’t have time to wear off and you’re left with a warm flush feeling like you said something terribly wrong at a party.

My oncologist’s assistant left a message saying results from Friday’s scan look good (that means no alarms or need for treatment most likely). So I’m left with a couple bruises and pricks on the insides of my elbows and some vague feeling that hovers between anxious and thankful.

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5 things

It’s hard to focus when you can’t press the button

I’ve been tagged, twice, to reveal 5 things about myself that you might not know. After digging deep to share 50 things, this seems extra hard.

So to Chris Pearson, designer of good things including most excellent WordPress themes, and Swissmiss, also designer of good things and curator of many others, here goes:

1.) In 1990 I went to The Ohio State University hoping to go into film school. Turns out, they closed that major down the year I signed up for classes — so I ended up in the design program instead.

I’m happy with how things turned out. Especially after revisiting a video project from those college days (yes, film was out, but video production was kept alive). Here it is: a good example of why I shouldn’t have gone into movies.

2.) I often get asked what I do for a living. Not a plug, but for 2007 I plan to help grow Wire & Twine with more products and content. In addition I hope to make t-shirts and textiles for other folks, freelance when needed, and learn some new things (that hopefully don’t involve math and browser compatibility).

3.) I sleep on the left side of the bed, sharing the other half with a handsome trumpet player.

4.) I have a habit of crossing that line. You know the one, where you are supposed to use your inner voice.

5.) When I was very young, my family went on a trip to Hawaii and we took hula lessons. Whenever I wonder how I came to be the person that I am, I give credit to the hukilau.

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150 in one

Electronic Project Kit [ +zoom ]

I mentioned a trip to the thrift store on Sunday.

I tend to walk past the clothes and head to the back wall with the yellowed appliances and stacks of tattered Harlequins. The junk.

To my delight I found one of these electronic project kits for 2 bucks. Score.

I always wanted one of these growing up, but I had to prioritize and got the markers and colored pencils instead. That is why I turned out to be a designer and not an engineer—that and I’ve no mind for math.

I just read in someone else’s journal a talk about making major changes in the middle of one’s career:

“You are standing on the edge of a huge abyss; the unkown. And then you jump. And then you see it wasn’t an abyss: it was a threshold.”

Heavy duty, inspiring stuff.

I suppose I can be an engineer after all.

For now however, I’m going to focus on the immediate future: a hat full of chocolate unclaimed by trick or treaters. I should explore professions in the candy industry.

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Tiny Tina

I sat on the barber chair realizing that I’d been going to Tiny Tina for 10 years.

10 years of her dry humor, wisdom, and meticulous beard trimming (though for the first five years it was just a goatee requiring her attention.)

10 years ago I moved back to Cincinnati and started working on websites as a full-time job.

And it was 10 years ago I was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.

I met with my oncologist earlier this morning to go over scans and bloodwork. He can attest with a grin that I am stable (and continually breaking records – I’m heavier than ever.)

So for now I continue to be on the good side of statistics, requiring careful observation, but no treatment. It will come in it’s own time.

Tina was pleased to hear the news, but mourning the loss of her dog, Bear (pictured here) who passed on last week. So there was some bad news to add perspective to the good news, handfuls of laughter, and a fine haircut.

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circuit city

The innards of an old Hammond organ, fingers crossed a soldiering iron works… [ +zoom ]

Quick update:

Most stuff moved.
But not all. And that last little bit? The worst. The crud you don’t want to face.

And then the cleaning.

Ah moving.
I kinda sorta like the shake-up of it all. It’s an opportunity to move on, and reconnect.
Defining what you hold dear, facing unfamiliar roads, and remember what you left dangling.

The checklist ever grows.

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gardening at dusk

Today I did things on the computer (some fun). And then, the opportunity to pull some weeds in a garden cropped up. (insert rim shot)

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it’s like having a pickup truck

staging the place

My friends asked if I’d help take a few photos of the house they’re selling. I said yes because this meant free food and the joy of being in a space devoid of clutter.

Having a camera is a lot like having a pickup truck – you get “roped” into things.

But always, they’re good things, and require no heavy lifting.

another Sunoco + bullet points

75 North between Cincinnati and Dayton
The “V” in the right quarter of the photograph does not represent the holy grail, to my knowledge.

I’m feeling really optimistic right this very moment.

3 am.

Full tummy.
Lots of good darts thrown on the calendar.
A few clean shirts to wear.
Some goals.
Lots of music.
Fingernails clipped.
Need a haircut.