50 things

A hat tip to Bryan for capturing my soul digitally with the above photo.

I’ve seen folks do these “100 Things About Me” exercises, and I always find them interesting. Problem is, I’m an under-acheiver. So I thought I’d just rack my brains for 50.

  1. My real name is Chris Glass, and often I wished I’d have chosen another moniker for online stuff.
  2. When I stand up, I’m 6’5"
  3. I usually wear a baseball cap, but I was never good at sports.
  4. I’m the youngest of four children: 2 brothers, 1 sister
  5. I enjoyed childhood.
  6. Except for that time I got a "body wave" in 8th grade (It wasn’t a PERM!)
  7. I once whined to my mom that, "I’m bored." She schooled me right there on the spot that there’s so much to do, and some of it is wonderful.
  8. I blame mom for burning a Big Trak in my youth, but we have no way to verify if I’m making that up, or she’s lying.
  9. My dad was fascinated with technology, gadgets, automobiles and goofball humor. I got that from him.
  10. My greatest feat in high school was to lead my class in making kick-ass Homecoming Parade floats.
  11. I’d often like to make floats again, or teach perhaps, or travel the country and sell stuff out of a van that VW hasn’t made yet.
  12. College was too fast, but going back seems unseemly.
  13. I went to one Buckeye game, we lost.
  14. I once was part of a nice small web design studio. Now, I’m kind of a freelancer.
  15. Fat Tire is my favorite beer.
  16. This is evident by my waistline, luckily, it is hard to get in Ohio.
  17. I also like Budweiser.
  18. Your mobile phone can beat up my mobile phone. Mine just makes calls and acts as a watch. [ I now use an iPhone, it is everything and my alarm clock ]
  19. I am constantly losing my phone or its charge.
    [ not anymore ]

  20. I believe in a higher power, and believe science is a different matter that doesn’t need to overlap.
  21. The abuse of typography gets under my skin.
  22. I can’t remember calendar dates of significance.
  23. I’d rather be in the driver’s seat.
  24. I still keep in touch with folks I’ve known since I was 5 years old.
  25. When I was 25, I was diagnosed with cancer.
  26. Aside from my glasses, I wear no other jewelry, aside from that earring I briefly had when I went to Germany and realized it made me look gay.
  27. I came out much later in life, and I say I don’t play for the other team as much as I sit on the sidelines.
  28. If I gave you a tour of my digs, it would be over in 1 minute.
  29. I couldn’t grow a full beard until I was 29.
  30. If I was held at gunpoint and had to get cosmetic surgery, I would have grafts implanted into the holes in said beard get liposuction.
  31. 25 things is starting to sound a lot better than 50 things at this point.
  32. I’m 33 years old as I write this. [ I’m 37 now ]
  33. I like to keep things simple. This is different than subtle.
  34. Curse as I may under my breath about keeping a journal online, I’ve truly made some lasting, world-view shifting friendships from it.
  35. I only know my checking balance because I just bought the new Grandaddy EP online.
  36. I believe in coyotes, and time as an abstract.
  37. I like to tidy other people’s houses.
  38. I sort my laundry into blues, browns/tans, whites and colors.
  39. If I cover up signs on horoscopes, I can relate to all of them.
  40. Folks I talk with all seem to pine for one thing: community.
  41. I pine for that as well.
  42. If a commune of awesome people doesn’t pan out, I hope to rule the canasta table at the old folks home.
  43. I have no life plan.
  44. Not a fan of mowing grass, but I like riding on tractors.
  45. I’m an awkward hugger, however, after much practice, I do it gladly.
  46. I like cats and dogs, but I don’t have any pets.
  47. In the back of my mind, I think I need more sun.
  48. I am a night person.
  49. Given the choice of urinal or tree, I’d rather pee under the stars.
  50. I enjoy adulthood, for the greater part.

Wow, you’re still here! Thanks for making it to the end of these 50 things. Explore other parts of my site to fill in the blanks (insert hat tip)

[ some bits updated 8/29/09 ]

26 responses to “50 things”

  1. Erik Avatar

    damn. that is great. I really enjoyed “50 Things.” I can relate to so many aspects of what you have said. There is an honesty and a beauty to the words an concepts above. I think I’m going to see about doing a similar exercise on our next podcast.

  2. Sean Avatar

    I like #36 best. Nice one Chris–now the tune is in my head, perhaps for the rest of the day– πŸ™‚

  3. Brian Faust Avatar

    What a great picture. πŸ™‚

  4. Jason Ahlers Avatar
    Jason Ahlers

    Info I didn’t know. Missed you at dinner club. I used my mobile phone to take a picture of a stray cat meandering through my classroom today, but I am quite sure that your computers can beat up mine. πŸ™‚

  5. chuck Avatar

    as always, enjoyed. a lot. i find myself jealous that i’m not a part of your immediate circle of friends (because i think you’d be a damn good friend), but that’s balanced with satisfaction that i’ve met you and converse with you occasionally. aloha.

  6. neal gardner Avatar

    great list, but no mention of your being artistic, having a keen eye for the world around you, a one-day world-class silk screener, having the superpower of transforming the everyday into larger-than-life with just one camera click….
    btw-How is the new Grandaddy EP?

  7. Chris Avatar

    The Grandaddy is AWESOME

  8. D R E W Avatar

    i am the youngest and i have 2 brothers and 1 sister, too.
    when i would say “i’m bored” to my mom she would say, “that’s not my problem.”

  9. duane Avatar

    Drew, you and Chris have it good; my mom replied to “I’m Bored” with, “Me too.” (And she is still that way… can we say, martyr?)

  10. CM Harrington Avatar

    Did I mention today that I *really* like that picture?

  11. Doug Geiger Avatar

    Ran into your site some-random-how – I like it a lot. I will be on it often.

  12. veronica Avatar

    what a lovely site. and i’ll have a PBR, thanks!
    p.s. grandaddy is one of my favorites.

  13. Bahkti Avatar

    A wonderful site/log/ whatever people call these things. It made me feel happy and nice inside. I did like the photographs especially. You know, I simply can’t remember how I got to your site but it was serendipitous to say the least. (Hope I don’t sound too British?) I’ll be checking your site every week now.
    Love n’ Beer from a Punk in England

  14. sam Avatar

    This is just such an exciting stuff. Great site.

  15. Ada Avatar

    Hi Chris,
    I came across your site on the typepad website. I’ve gone to a few of your pages, and I really enjoy the “spirit” of your site. Thanks for sharing your thoughts in cyberspace. It’s inspiring me to create a virtual space of my own…

  16. holly Avatar

    You consider yourself an “underachiever”? I find that hard to believe.

  17. Juan Avatar

    Muy bueno, el site en general, que suerte que existen personas que pierden tiempo haciendo estas cosas tan divertidas.-

  18. lecm66 Avatar

    From one site to another, I found yours. Its beautiful and interesting. I love your design and will be back to see more. Thank you, its a very pleasant experience.

  19. E Avatar

    Ah yes… I pine for community.
    Your site is very wonderful, by the way… =)

  20. Dan Avatar

    Pondersome is a fine word. And that pining, I hear & feel it, too. One thing about me, I generally don’t go in for shortcuts in writing — I spell out all state names, for instance — but the ampersand is of a not-displeasing shape.

  21. whitney Avatar

    loved my big trac, used to make it wait for as long as it would and then do things… loved it so much, thanks for the memories…

  22. Leslie Avatar

    I found your site while googling Rouster’s apples but I hung around long after I was finished reading about your trip to Milford. I like your site very much. πŸ™‚

  23. dave Avatar

    Very interesting πŸ™‚

  24. Mel Avatar

    Your site has a great personal feel, which is good as that’s what it is. Honest. Artistic. Complete but simple. A great example of what a site can be. Thanks for sharing.

  25. Heather Leigh Something-or-other Avatar
    Heather Leigh Something-or-other

    #42 is you and me one way or another… Tin cans with lotsa-lotsa string if commune. Kicking yo non-existent ass in canasta dayin and dayout otherwise (unless we’re playing teamsies of course)! You are my true-blue.

  26. Phil Armstrong Avatar

    Regarding #16 on the list: It’s remarkable how different the craft beer scene was in 2005 compared to 16 years later. There are many things on this list that resonated with me, but that one in particular struck a chord.