6 month checkup

…which requires a couple CT scans

I sat in the pre-waiting area with my ill-fitting flannel shirt, ballcap, and unruly beard. I’m sure by most accounts I looked like a heterosexual Republican. That’s why the old fart that came in and sat down thought it was kosher to piss and moan about having to watch CNN on the waiting room TV—because “They are so one-sided,” he said, after proclaiming his love for Fox News.

“I guess we’ll have to suffer.” I said back with resignation.

I was happy to leave his endless wisdom and get injected with glowing fluid and lie flat on a big, fancy x-ray machine by General Electric.

To minimize radiation exposure, they break up this process over two days.Those days are mostly wasted as you can’t eat anything 4 hours prior to the procedure, and every other waking hour is spent thinking about how much you really want to eat something.

This fasting isn’t because they will see bits of McGriddle in your intestines, but because the contrast (that glowing injection) will make you toss your cookies.

I don’t find out results until tomorrow, and I’m keeping hopes up. But most anything is better than having to sit with someone who thinks Fox News is fair and balanced.

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  1. Chris Glass Avatar

    For those just tuning in, I have Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma.
    Fret not, I try not to.
    Here’s the story.