Only four buttons required

I’m fighting insomnia by plugging away at an old GameBoy Advance cartridge—some Minish Cap Zelda game where you can shrink down to like 5 pixels. It’s reminiscent of the 16 bit Nintendo classic, with some different moves and lots of running around.

And even though there is only one screen of action – I don’t see how these games are playable without guides. I pine for simple games.

So I pretty much do the running around, get stuck, search through a PDF walkthrough, and I (as Tim Gunn would say) carry on.

Tomorrow I have to get up early for my six month appointment with the oncologist. We’ll do blood work and then, hopefully, I’ll go on my merry way. Like anytime, it’s the waiting beforehand that makes having a little diversion like a handheld game all the better.

2 responses to “diversion”

  1. Kevin Finlayson Avatar
    Kevin Finlayson

    Hey Chris
    Yeah, I’m embarassed to say it but I resorted to guides with the wind waker. I just got bored of not even being able to comprehend the puzzles. Did you ever finish it?
    I use Animal Crossing DS to battle insomnia, although lately it seems to be causing it (hunting the coelcanth).

  2. chris glass Avatar

    I’ve no idea where I am in the scheme of things Kevin, but I do have three elements out of four, and I’m on page 31 out of 44 in the guidebook.
    If I make it to the end of this game, it would mark the first Zelda game I’ve completed.
    Chances are slim, but I’m keeping hopeful. Having it on the go makes a big difference. The “sleep” feature is nice too.