I have goals

Outside of the Apple store

Vicariously dropping off a laptop for repair, holiday music mixed with footsteps in the mall and I pondered the future.

I have goals I’ve been meaning to write down. Important long term goals.

I want to see the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade sometime in my life. Not this year, but sometime. Even better, I’ve heard that watching balloons get inflated the night before is less bustling and enjoyable. I can imagine it’d be more enjoyable with warm scotch warming my belly. (Tangent: A terribly truncated page about how balloons are created)

I’d quite like to end up a mall walker. The reasoning is two-fold: If I can walk in a mall, that signifies that I have reasonable health to get out and about. Secondly, it will indicate that I have not given up on society at large and retreated to crafting notes on a typewriter, isolated in the woods.

I was really hoping to have at least three goals listed here, but that’s all I’ve got right now (Though dancing to Thriller in Lexington does strike a chord.)

2 responses to “I have goals”

  1. D R E W Avatar

    I’m thinking of getting one of the new 30gig iPods and giving my old, original 5gig one to Dan. Do you think I should go for it, or just hold off until after Christmas when the price might come down? I doubt they will release a new one after the holidays.

  2. cglass Avatar

    I’d go for it Drew, I don’t think they have anything else up their sleeve this year. Prices are at a good point I think they’ll stick with them a while.