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  • Finally

    Summer begins

  • Charting a song

    In lieu of stories of snow Jeb started it : View the tons of other submissions by folks:

  • spilt

    Late for lunch My schedule has been outta whack for a while, but it got extra worse when Dan was gone for the weekend and I stayed up until 5am noodling on ancillary projects. This put me in to work closer to lunch than breakfast. One day this week I walked into the studio and…

  • Ever look at a Sharpie MINI?

    I mean really looked at one…

  • got it goin on…

    Like Donkey Kong? There is a song called “Honky Tonk

  • dialog as lyric

    Similar to song lyrics bullet-pointed.

  • Celebration III

    May the dorks be with you Photo @ RebelScum Yes, even my dork heart swells with emotion at this sight, but I actually teared up when I read they joined sweet voices to sing: We are the members of the All-American league, We come from cities, near and far, We’ve got Canadians, Irish girls and…

  • A Total Eclipse of the Cover Song

    Bonnie Tyler fans rejoice A music video that is very powerful. Very moving. via Buffoonery

  • Jesus

    Solid Rock Church Just one exit up from the flea market is a Sonic, and if I’m ever in proximity of one I must stop by and pick up a Cherry-Limeade. The added bonus is driving by the Solid Rock Church and seeing the completed Jesus rising from the pond. Maybe I’ve written about Him…

  • Demetri Martin

    For a laugh I’ve mentioned how the TV sits dark most of the time. The thing that’s most on the screen is the reflection of lamps in the living room. I turned it on this past weekend though and just let Comedy Central provide some noise. It was a string of stand-up comedians. One fella…