Summer begins

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Late for lunch

My schedule has been outta whack for a while, but it got extra worse when Dan was gone for the weekend and I stayed up until 5am noodling on ancillary projects.

This put me in to work closer to lunch than breakfast.

One day this week I walked into the studio and yelled out for Tom. He was sitting directly before me camouflaged among the CDs sitting behind a makeshift spread looking forlorn—as if I had missed a special dinner date.

His passive humor was lost on me at the time. I was still groggy.

In hindsight? Quite funny, and genius in execution.

The whole “meal” here.

Current music: De Novo Dahl “I Woke Up Late”

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got it goin on…

Like Donkey Kong?

There is a song called “Honky Tonk Badonkadonk” by Trace Adkins.

It is amazingly riduculous. Perhaps the worst (or best) meld of hip-hop slang and country twang.

Here’s a link to the video clip on iTunes

There’s not too much to report today. It rained like it was time to start gathering pairs of animals, and the puddles outside the front door got the best of my pant leg.

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Celebration III

May the dorks be with you
Photo @ RebelScum

Yes, even my dork heart swells with emotion at this sight, but I actually teared up when I read they joined sweet voices to sing:

We are the members of the All-American league,
We come from cities, near and far,
We’ve got Canadians, Irish girls and Swedes,
We’re all for one, we’re one for all, we’re All-American

I need a tissue.

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Solid Rock Church

Just one exit up from the flea market is a Sonic, and if I’m ever in proximity of one I must stop by and pick up a Cherry-Limeade.

The added bonus is driving by the Solid Rock Church and seeing the completed Jesus rising from the pond. Maybe I’ve written about Him before when He was under construction with big wireframe arms. I think they need to carve a pullout on the highway for the photo opportunity.

Now he’s done and rest assured, folks around the net have made variations…

From left to right: Touchdown Jesus, Jesus Hendrix, iGod, and what appears to be Jesus using Mac OS X with not enough RAM

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Demetri Martin

For a laugh

I’ve mentioned how the TV sits dark most of the time. The thing that’s most on the screen is the reflection of lamps in the living room.

I turned it on this past weekend though and just let Comedy Central provide some noise. It was a string of stand-up comedians.

One fella in particular though, stood out from the pack. His delivery was semi-deadpan and his schtick was not easy to categorize. He had a penchant for words, twisting them around much like Steven Wright but with a sunnier disposition. At one point he used a poster sized pad for visual gimmicks and toward the end he broke out a guitar.

I couldn’t write down enough things, but luckily, there’s the internet. He’s got a handful of clips on his site along with lots of other fun tidbits.

In other news, it’s snowing in Cincinnati.

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