Solid Rock Church

Just one exit up from the flea market is a Sonic, and if I’m ever in proximity of one I must stop by and pick up a Cherry-Limeade.

The added bonus is driving by the Solid Rock Church and seeing the completed Jesus rising from the pond. Maybe I’ve written about Him before when He was under construction with big wireframe arms. I think they need to carve a pullout on the highway for the photo opportunity.

Now he’s done and rest assured, folks around the net have made variations…

From left to right: Touchdown Jesus, Jesus Hendrix, iGod, and what appears to be Jesus using Mac OS X with not enough RAM

7 responses to “Jesus”

  1. browneye Avatar

    That scares the crap out of me! How freaky.

  2. Adam Avatar

    That last one took me a second, but now that I get it…that is really, really funny.

  3. Aaron Avatar

    Hahaha, yeah, that is pretty freaky. Imagine something like that coming out infront of your house! Its pretty crazy.

  4. riye Avatar

    there’s something awfully pagan about this. more like poseidon rising from the sea.

  5. greg Avatar

    See that pond, buddy? when you get tossed into the see of flames, you’re gonna wish you had thta pond water to cool you down. oh yes..

  6. chris glass Avatar

    Why is it that some folks hide their hatred with anonymity?
    It reaks of the KKK hiding their faces with a hood.
    The antithesis of what Jesus represented is hatred.