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We’ve all seen it before… Bill Gates: Tiger Beat, 1983

I suppose I’m still a kid gettin a chuckle outta these sorts o thing.

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The ol “make a video of yourself lip synching” meme

Go with yourself.

I just couldn’t find a song I liked…

My tribute to Fiona Apple’s MTV Music Awards acceptance speech as interpreted by Janeane Garofalo.

(Thanks to Brian for the idea, Pratt for the instigating push and Erik for the follow-through)

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File under: Diseases

Spotted at Barnes and Noble

I wonder if there’s a salve for this epidemic.

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Now this is mildly interesting

In the aisles of Target

Yeah, I clicked on the thing that automatically updated my journal to spread a meme or something. Go me. I hate it when I fall prey. I hate it when links are not clear about what they are doing. But I suppose this is the realm of hackers and other kidz who use numbers instead of letters to type.

Anyways, a more interesting way to be subversive is to print out “GREAT FOR SEX” stickers and go around places and put them on things. Which is exactly what I did while out in California.

Like they need more subversion there.

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For a healthy, shiny mullet

Formulated for all mullets and rat-tails

I’m backtracking here, and I could list all the things that made Saturday so nice — but Jim already did that. Instead, I’ll recount the Mullet Shampoo, a little gift I picked up while perusing the stuff-you-don’t-need shops of the university district.

I figured, as a gag, it had short-lived grinning potential, but the real coup would be delivery.

As my kind friends agreed to entertain the three bears at their house for pizza on the patio, I went up to the bathroom and planted the said shampoo in their shower.

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and self unconscious

So I realized something today, while in an office filled with people…

I think I walk around clueless to my surroundings

I went into the break room this afternoon and let out a big nelly sigh. I caught myself as a few folks looked up from their magazines.

I’m sure I do things like this often and think nothing of it, burping inappropriately and picking my nose like no one can see me.

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Mental note

While at the whiteboard…

So here I am in Wyoming, storyboarding some ideas on the whiteboard.

I let the client borrow my laptop and do some benchmarking and he informs me that someone is “masturbating non-stop in my car.”

I realize that I left instant messaging on.

While I’m trying to talk my way out of that, I get another message from someone else.

“Pee on me.” it said.

I have a lot of ‘splainin to do…

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