Demetri Martin

For a laugh

I’ve mentioned how the TV sits dark most of the time. The thing that’s most on the screen is the reflection of lamps in the living room.

I turned it on this past weekend though and just let Comedy Central provide some noise. It was a string of stand-up comedians.

One fella in particular though, stood out from the pack. His delivery was semi-deadpan and his schtick was not easy to categorize. He had a penchant for words, twisting them around much like Steven Wright but with a sunnier disposition. At one point he used a poster sized pad for visual gimmicks and toward the end he broke out a guitar.

I couldn’t write down enough things, but luckily, there’s the internet. He’s got a handful of clips on his site along with lots of other fun tidbits.

In other news, it’s snowing in Cincinnati.

5 responses to “Demetri Martin”

  1. b Avatar

    Much the same, I rarely watch TV but did happen to see his bit last weekend too.
    Odd but quite funny. I liked “employee of the month — the only time you can be both a loser and a winner at the same time”

  2. glitzier Avatar

    I saw that same show too. Man, I was not expecting to experience really good, tears rolling down my face funny. 🙂

  3. Rachel Avatar

    A while back I remember seeing this man on Late Night w/ Conan O’brien (armed with his guitar and nonchalant humor). He was down right halarious. The only thing that sucked was that I didn’t catch his name. Last night, I was flipping through the channels and saw that Comedy Central Presents was on. I don’t usually watch it but this time I thought “what the hay”. It’s him!! Demetri Martin is the funniest man alive! He’s brilliant. Literally the best comedian i’ve ever listened to. Everyone should see his show.

  4. lexi Avatar

    he is so fucking awsome i looked up all his stuff and he is erally hot (without a beard) and he is really funny and i loved the joke about swimming….sometimes i don’t know if i’m swimming for fun or swimming now to die…hahahahaha

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