Ever look at a Sharpie MINI?

I mean really looked at one…

11 responses to “Ever look at a Sharpie MINI?”

  1. Reuben Avatar

    This would be a great photo for the “Prince Albert” entry on Wikipedia.

  2. Reuben Avatar

    Sorry to comment again, but I just saw the toilet in the background. HA! (The big question: Did you think of the sharpie while in the restroom, or go into the restroom once you really looked at the sharpie?)

  3. Red Avatar

    leaving pornographic graffitti?

  4. Chris Glass Avatar

    I tried to think of an appropriate backdrop Reuben, and took the Sharpie into the bathroom.
    And Red…Permanent graffitti? Never. (yet)
    But if there is chalkboard on the wall above a urinal, I can almost never resist leaving some tidbit.

  5. ted Avatar

    Now I want one, really want one.

  6. susan Avatar

    here i am, obsessed with sex, and it took me a while to get that.

  7. heather Avatar

    there’s chalkboard in urinals?!!

  8. Thomas Avatar

    Ha! Can’t believe they spent money engineering just that look.

  9. Chris Avatar

    Well, that came in two waves: first biology and then the prince.

  10. duane Avatar

    They should rename it the Sharpie Mini (special PA edition). LOL!

  11. leif Avatar

    If anything, THIS should become the official writing utensil of the ‘PEN 15″ club.