Enough of this wintry mix

Yesterday, at the ol’ feed store — Oxford, OH

I suppose technically you could call what is on the ground snow, with a layer of crud ice on top. I was so prepared for an epic The-Shining-type blizzard. It was bad enough to stay off the roads.

In work-from-home news, for a moment I thought it would be nice to have a firewall or feature that had a “limit net access” productivity toggle switch. Then I realized that is what it’s like to work in certain cube farms and this would be bad for my personal style. Then again, maybe the feature could be a governor that allowed 10 minute surf windows at the top of each hour.

Good thing I’m a night owl to catch up on stuff.

Current music: The Black Keys “Strange Times”

One response to “Enough of this wintry mix”

  1. Geoff Parsons Avatar
    Geoff Parsons

    I’m sure there’s a way to set up a net nanny style blocking system for specific websites fairly easily but what i’ve found interested as of late are some of these jedi-focus type apps that prevent you from looking at more than the app you’re working on. Shrug, just a thought.