by candlelight

Candles (L), their shadows on the ceiling (R)

I wouldn’t say the winds were howling, but they were making instruments of the trees and buildings last night.

Right before bed, all the electrical things dimmed, repeatedly—then went out, decidedly.

We lit all the candles set around the place, and located a bag of tealights to extend the warm glow.

And all of a sudden it was not now, but another time.

For some reason I think of a mall on Sunday. Back when they were closed and we were forced to spend time with each other.

But that’s a bad example.

Maybe it was more like pioneering days.

My imagination is limited at this hour. I keep seeing Laura and Mary Ingalls braiding each other’s hair.

Anyway, the lights came back on too soon.

Current music: Cat Power “Don’t Explain”