Farm Day 5

yum, digits

Another fall-tastic Farm Day.

The weather smiled for the 5th annual shindig out on the farm. In addition to the food, drink, and inflatable bounce house for the young ones, a windy path through the fields gave an opportunity to enjoy the sunshine.

A history of creating shirts for the event took a twist this year: Instead of stocking up beforehand, folks got to print their own out in the studio. We had quite a line while kids young and old picked out their own tee and stepped up to the press. So much fun, it will become the new tradition. I should mention, toddlers lucked out and their parents got to do all the work.

I had to scoot before dinner was set out, but managed to squeeze in lots of fun (and more than a handful of tasty appetizers.)

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Drew-o-Rama and Daisy Fuentes sunglasses

Cheap shades

One of the wonky things about this aspect ratio I’ve locked myself into is that it’s hard to get a close-up portrait squeezed in the frame without lopping off major faceparts.

Such is the case when I had dinner with Drew this week down at my favorite pizza joint. Great guy I’ve known for years, also the man behind the Design Cincinnati blog that features design and architectural tidbits from our region.

I did manage to grab a snapshot in the low light of the coffeeshop afterward, where conversation somehow revealed it was his birthday.

Dagnabbit Drew, had I know that we wouldn’t have gone dutch.

An inspired chat about life and design flowed with the coffee and tea, where I also found out he’s got a penchant for cheap sunglasses. Now I know what to get him next year.

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Dinner Club: Breakfast Edition, Pleasant Ridge

A few of the young faces that made an appearance

Dinner Club is now going into it’s third year, and admittedly we’ve been slacking on these semi-monthly get togethers.

Everyone keeps making babies.

This is one excuse that is perfectly awesome.

And though it’s harder to find a slice of time (or the babysitters required) to make an evening affair out at a restaurant we make do with potluck breakfast.

I figure in a few years we can at least pencil in Chuck E. Cheeseā€™s.

Until then I’m just glad to get to see these friends when I can, and I will never turn down chocolate waffles.

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slumber party

And our lamps don’t line up

Brown had a rehearsal up in Springfield (she’s a percussionist) and instead of driving the hours back to Cincinnati, she crashed at our pad.

It was late so we didn’t get too rowdy.

The evening ended with a round of that Mario Party game on the Wii. A game that has potential to be awesome, but falls flat with all the animation and rig-a-ma-roll between turns. Pity.

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No pumpkins

My shadow is long

Dinner with my mom, Dan, Tom, Wendy and the crew closed out the holiday weekend.

It was so good, I wanted _just one more day_ of holiday weekend.

After dinner, we tromped around the pumpkin patch looking for anything semi-round and orange. No luck. Some type of animal, large or small, got there first.

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twist on a classic

This? A bloody mary with homegrown tomatoes

Headed up to Yellow Spring last night for a dinner under the stars with Chris and Inger. They made good with a brisket and a peach crisp dessert that I’m still rolling over in my tastebud memory.

Last time we went there I had a Wiedemann. The future of that honey-tinged brew is now in question as the company that makes it wrestles with bankruptcy.

I think the future of bloody marys is brighter.

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nice place

a beautiful view

After the work whistle blew for the week it was time for a beer. Luckily there were friends rolling through town and a gathering happened on the east side of Cincinnati at the home of Heidi and Brian – and man do they have a nice place. A little slice of it pictured above.

I’ve mentioned Heidi before, known her and a fella named Doug since I was 5.

Always happy to see ’em, and both were present with their budding families in tow.

So as kids ran around (I think the collective has produced enough to staff a good lookin baseball team) the adults tried to squeeze in some grown-up catch-up.

Good times. I should just have a common end to these entries: there are more pictures of course, but today is looking mighty fine and it’s my fella’s birthday – 07/07/07, 7th son of a 7th son even. That bodes well. Time to pack the swim trunks and head north.

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Welcoming Wyatt

10 fingers, 10 toes

I drove down to check in on my friends Heather and Ed to give a proper howdy to their new son John Wyatt, born just days ago on June 26th.

When Ed called at 6 in the morning that Tuesday, I didn’t think I could get there in time from Saugatuck. Turns out I could have flown from Hawaii and made it in with hours to spare.

It was a long, long day for them – and frankly, it was probably best I didn’t make it because the waiting would have made me a nervous wreck.

See, I’ve known Heather since 7th grade and she falls genuinely in that BFF category. So we’re stuck with each other whether we like it or not, and for the most part, it’s all good. I could recount the memories but man am I behind on journaling.

The important thing here is that she’s now a mom, the kid’s a champ, and I’m super happy for ’em.

Photos A few photos of Wyatt

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Jules & Brandon

Done wed. June 2, 2006

The rain clouds held back for the ceremony and through the reception. Everything was wonderful even though I petered out early because I had too much fun the night prior.

I woke up to see the sun rise through sheets of rain on top of that mountain. Threw the wet tent in the trunk and drove the 7 odd hours home with enough energy left over to piece together some of the photos from the event…

It will be hard to forget this first trip to Asheville, but I look forward to getting back there and exploring more of this place.

Until then, a few favorites from the memory card:

The rehearsal dinner chocolate wrapper.

Clark warming up his cello chops.

This handsome crew of fellas.

A peek inside the honeymoon yurt (not seen: the kitchenette and shower)


and lots more…

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bump no more

Another view from Sunday (the pug won out)

Noted because the stork delivered news via text message this morning.

This bump is no more, but now an 8 pound 15 ounce baby fella.

Oh, and he’s 22 inches long which is information I still don’t know what to do with, but I will leave that mystery alone and simply congratulate Jason and Kate.

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