nice place

a beautiful view

After the work whistle blew for the week it was time for a beer. Luckily there were friends rolling through town and a gathering happened on the east side of Cincinnati at the home of Heidi and Brian – and man do they have a nice place. A little slice of it pictured above.

I’ve mentioned Heidi before, known her and a fella named Doug since I was 5.

Always happy to see ’em, and both were present with their budding families in tow.

So as kids ran around (I think the collective has produced enough to staff a good lookin baseball team) the adults tried to squeeze in some grown-up catch-up.

Good times. I should just have a common end to these entries: there are more pictures of course, but today is looking mighty fine and it’s my fella’s birthday – 07/07/07, 7th son of a 7th son even. That bodes well. Time to pack the swim trunks and head north.

Current music: Ryan Adams “Two”