Last night I signed all the papers at the dealership and took the keys to a sage green VW Rabbit. Lots of things in the universe made it even possible.

I haven’t driven much as I needed to return the rental today. A most gracious tip of the hat to Mark for being my savior, taxi driver, lunch, and matinée friend. (We saw The Abandoned and I think it might have been better on youtube in 45 seconds)

It was a tough call (the car, not the movie, really, skip it) as the Honda Fit and Subaru Forester were tempting alternatives.

But the interior of the Rabbit won me over. The knobs are knobs.

I feel like I haven’t seen it in the sunlight yet, which is sorta true. It’s been overcast all day and now an ice storm will keep it* off the road.

* her? him? German language genders neutral : ‘das Auto’

I can’t wait to drive, but right now, I’m more worried for someone on the road.

Current music: Sun Kil Moon “Grey Ice Water”

11 responses to “hatched”

  1. draplin Avatar

    Cody Hudson did the Rabbit icon. How about that!
    Struggle Inc.
    Good guy, giant talent, southside Chicago.

  2. Stefan Avatar

    Germans also use the male word “der Wagen” (the carriage, with a somewhat more noble connotation).
    Compare this to “das Motorrad” (the motorcycle, neutrum) which is also sometimes called “die Maschine” (the machine, female).
    Any conclusions? I don’t think so.
    Anyway, Gute Fahrt! (have a good trip) 🙂

  3. Chris Avatar

    Always good to know who made a mark Draplin, appreciate that.
    And Stefan, I’m now more confused with gender. Perhaps I should name the new ride Pat. — Either way, I plan to have lots of good trips. Recht schönen Dank!

  4. John in NOLA Avatar
    John in NOLA

    Congrats on your new Baby! Love the color. Many happy miles of motoring pleasure. And that is a great Logo.
    It/her/him? I call my Accord “Jane Honda”… We had a great Mardi Gras – the place was Bear Central for the whole weekend! WooHoo!

  5. f5 Avatar

    Beautiful car. Good luck with the electrical system.

  6. Jim Avatar

    Did you get the guitar? Maybe you can name your auto, Rayman.
    Seriously though, if you have issues with your VDub, let me know. My sister works at the call center and can give you a script on what to say to maximize your warranty support.

  7. Chris Avatar

    Perverse optimism, f5 – that’s what I’m banking on.
    And if that fails, I will definitely be hitting you up Jim! Danke!

  8. A.J. Avatar

    suppose now you’ll gonna have to make friends with your Jump.

  9. evilbuddha Avatar

    Congrats on the new ride.
    Glad to see you still in the VW family.
    Throw a quarter on the rug for good luck from me. 😉

  10. Daniel Black Avatar

    September 30, 2006 I took ownership of my very own 2007 VW Rabbit, too. I looked at the Mazda 3, the Honda Fit, even the Nissan Versa and the Toyota Yaris. The styling and the fit of the interior (don’t you just love how the driver’s seat hugs you?) won out. And the power/weight ratio didn’t hurt, either.
    Sure, a GTi would be wonderful, and I won’t even test drive one for fear that I’ll loose my longing for the Hopper. But with a competitive sticker price, and, so far, two very classy dealerships (bought it and have had the first 5,000-mile service at Fairfield VW, and just yesterday Northland VW cranked it up on the lift for free to check if I’d done damage [long short story not relevant here]), there was no contest.
    Bonus? No more automatic transmission to give fits.

  11. electro^plankton Avatar

    I forgot that you prefer knobs. I prefer digital interfaces myself. 🙂